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4 Examples that Could Help You Create Effective Healthcare Explainer Video

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As you are reading this, we know that you need to see how to have an animation video that best fits your healthcare business’s purpose. Maybe you still don’t an idea of how your healthcare explainer video should look like. Don’t panic! F.Learning is here to take you through the sample videos of global healthcare businesses to see which one is suitable for you. 


Intelycare – The best example of healthcare marketing


The animation style in Intelycare video is suitable for medical/healthcare marketing purposes as healthcare services. Via the video, products can be promoted to customers easily. Normally, staffs have to carefully describe the services/products, and there might be mistakes during the process. But now, Patients could easily memorize details of their prescribed medicines after watching pharmaceutical explainer videos. With simple but vibrant animation along with lively audio, healthcare businesses’ customers will understand exactly how the service will be delivered to them. The working process between patients and doctors will be quicker and less stressful.


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iCareBetterAttract new customers to your healthcare services/treatment


iCareBetter chose whiteboard animation to deliver explanations and key healthcare information to patients. The animation focuses on patient education as this is a way to attract new patients to hospitals and private clinics. People need to be aware of their symptoms before deciding to choose treatment services that are suitable for them. Simplifying complex concepts is an efficient way to show that you really care about how customers feel. Another advantage of illustration is that it helps customers avoid graphic scenes. Even patients without a medical background can learn and memorize simplified medical information without going through horrible images. To fully achieve both purposes, a whiteboard medical explainer video is the best choice.


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Simple Nursing & iHEED – Enhance business image and customer loyalty


In the case of Simple Nursing and iHEED, customers effortlessly gain more knowledge in medical and pharmaceutical fields in the most simple and fun way. Animated explainer videos not only help customers memorize information but also enhance businesses’ image. Visualizing pharmaceutical and medical concepts will take your business to a new level and help you defeat other rivals.

Ready to make your explainer videos?


Information about the symptoms, how medicines work in the body, and other related information are colorfully illustrated to make complex concepts more friendly. This is a great way to create strong connections with patients in the long run. Applying animation to medical marketing will positively increase the outcome as the messages get to clients more easily, which will make you stand out in the industry. It’s time to surpass your rivals with medical device explainer videos.


Animated healthcare explainer video positively impacted Simple Nursing – one of the US leading companies in nursing educational technology. The top-rated animated courses help Simple Nursing increase trust and branding. We were delighted to hear that Simple Nursing achieved even further than the desired results:

  • Training videos received 91% of 5 stars ratings and excellent reviews on Trustpilot.
  • More than 200,000 students that took those courses passed the NCLEX test. 
  • More than 500,000 users followed the business on social media.


Create your own videos

We have walked through the examples of healthcare explainer videos and learn about their efficiency for different purposes. We hope you have come up with some new ideas about how you want your video to look like. But if you are still a bit confused and have some questions, F.Learning is here to answer them all!


We at F.Learning strongly believe that we could answer any question and assist you timely. We have various animation types to offer to you base on your interests and plans: Whiteboard, Motion graphic, and Hand-drawn. We have a deep understanding of how to bring the key information into the videos and make it alive. Here are the reasons why you can count on us:

  • On average, 50 minutes of medical training videos are produced per month by our in-house producers.
  • Our clients save 30% budget by choosing us rather than US-based studios.
  • Leading businesses such as Interlycare and Simple Nursing trust us.


With a team of creative experts, we guarantee to create tailor-made products, which will delight you, our customers. Don’t hesitate to give us a try and spice up your clients’ experience!


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