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Learning is most 

effective when it’s fun!


Animated videos bring life to the supposedly ‘dryer’ and more technical subjects through captivating and stimulating illustrations.

Delivering knowledge

with ease


Complex concepts are made into digestible pieces through visualization.

Driving motivation

and engagement


Fun and informative animation makes it hard for learners to lose interest. With this new look, knowledge will appeal to students more than ever.


Sean and his team were great to work with! He went out of his way to make sure the final product was excellent. He was also great to work with in a creative sense and I felt I could voice ideas, throw them to him and trust his artistic sensibility. Very happy!

Tim Doeke

Marketing Project Manager, Christian Vision

The collaboration went well beyond the creation of a great cartoon animation. It can be difficult to explain, but Sean and his team guided us to find the essence of what we offer and helped us formulate a simple story that communicates it clearly.

Geoff Lawton

Founder, Permaculture Sustainable Consulting

The team at F. Learning exceeded our expectations in being able to bring our ideas to life. It has been a joy to collaborate with them. They were able to translate some pretty technical anatomy concepts into fun animations. We’ve received overwhelmingly positive responses to the animations they helped us create.

Shin Shin Tang, Ph.D.

Psychologist and Co-author, Attune Ed: Mindfulness-Based Mental Health in Education


eLearners adore animations in online courses!

I enjoyed a lot these videos. A good sign was that I couldn’t stop watching them and I want to watch them again and again. It makes a lot of sense to me even I can’t explain it clear to others. It is a kind of awakeness, as suddenly being aware of something that have been always around me but you see it clear only in few moments. Thank you and I hope I can extend these moments to start seeing more clear, more connected.

Agustín Darquea

Student of Permaculture , USA

You don’t know how much these animations bring joy to me. From studying agriculture to animation, it’s always a joy to see the two worlds come together.

Iman Ayoubi

Student of Permaculture, Sydney

Your animations are excellent throughout the modules we have seen. Kudos to all and thank you for helping us see such amazing patterns on this beautiful Earth. We can sure see these spirals interacting at the present moment with the torrential rains in California and the rest of our west coast.

Buzz Harwood

Student of Permaculture, USA




A 33-page eBook Guide:

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