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How to hire an animation studio for education services?

  Now that you’ve chosen animation for educational purposes, it’s time to find a studio and make it happen! But, to hire an animation studio that can fulfill your needs is no hasty job. Indeed, before putting your trust and investment in somewhere, there are many...

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Best practices for the use of animation in education

  The use of animation in education is very popular these days. Most teachers, and that includes those who teach higher education, look to it as a way to connect to a more tech-savvy generation of learners. But what exactly do you use animation for? What...

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3 best example of edutainment videos in eLearning

  The idea of combining education with entertainment has never gone out of style. Indeed, edutainment’s main role is to make learning more delightful and effective. Nowadays, in the digital world, learning through a visual and auditory form such as edutainment...

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Guide to produce cost-efficient animation training videos

When it come to producing animation training videos, there are lots of things to be considered. Does it really work? How should I create it? Or producing time? And the most important, is the budget. In this article, you will see the interesting journey of producing...

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How to identify an effective corporate training material?

To create a successful training course, it's easiest to start with effective training materials. However, developing a good training material doesn't mean trying to write it less tedious. In fact, the trainer need to consider more about employee's goals, even their...

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Video-based training: what are its benefits?

  When deciding how to transmit the information in a training program, it’s sometimes overwhelming since there are so much to choose from. So, should you provide infographics, handbooks or classroom teaching? The truth is, using video is probably the best option....

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4 effective training techniques for corporate

  You may have known about the importance of corporate training. Since the main factor of any successful business/organization lies in its people. Now, a more important question arises “How to have an efficient training course?”. Well, if you’re looking for...

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5 must-know corporate training trends of 2019

  Corporate training, like the technology and workers in the workplace, is constantly changing. Why? Because training content and techniques needs to adapt to technological and people changes. While there are many websites that can give you a rundown of all the...

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Ultimate guide to create
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