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Secret keys to write an awesome animation script

  The script is the soul of a video, especially in case of eLearning. It’s believed that a strong script can fight the difficulty and the boredom of courses’ content. Writing a normal script is easy as a piece of cake for educators or instructors. However, creating an...

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The application of animation in corporate training

Have you ever thought that animation could be created for training goals? Did you know animation has been optimized widely in corporate training? There are numerous applications of animation as orientation training, technical training, safety training, etc. However,...

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3 visual problems that educators should avoid in eLearning

You caught up the trend of visualization in designing online courses. You followed the innovation of eLearning to make your course communicate to the learners in a more attractive, vivid and effective way. But what is happening...? Your course doesn’t look better. Or...

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Guideline to create effective fun-based learning videos

  You realized your online course need more engagement elements. You tried various methods, even with video-based learning, to build up and maintain attendees’ interest and eager in your course, but it failed. Perhaps your course is lacking fun? Fun is a magnetic...

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How To Start Teaching An Online College Course

As it is, more and more people are taking advantage of the Internet to take both general education and college classes. The past few years have witnessed a significant rise in the shift to e-education for obvious reasons such as general flexibility and easier access....

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Science animation: How to make scientific subjects fun?

It is not overstated that science is one of the biggest obsession of study. Students rarely find the interest and motivation from scientific complicated and abstract contents. So, how to deal with this problem? Have you ever heard about fun science animation? Can you...

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Ultimate guide to create
Awesome Educational Animation
for Online Courses

A 33-page eBook Guide:

- Choose the right style

- Create animations for educational purposes

- What to do if you don't have design or animation skills





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