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One QBE Case Study: How Animated Staff Training Video Helped A Business On A Global Scale

Jan 18, 2021animation application, animation examples, Blog, corporate training, educational animations

Great illustrations make up an indispensable part of any great lecture. The same thing applies to a staff training video. Incorporated wisely, they could transform the whole face of corporate training. The latest and most impressive trend in the world is animation illustrations. It helps visualize information by breaking it down into digestible bites. The animation is also flexible and can be merged with various fields such as technical training, production training, safety training, even HR policies. Regardless, some business owners still can not wrap their minds around how exactly animation can help build their content better.


We’re here today with a real-life success story of One QBE Insurance Group. Let’s see how an animated training video helped the company train thousands of employees around the globe. From this case study, we hope to shed light on this rather new form of “material” in corporate training.


About One QBE

One QBE Insurance Group sits among the world’s top 20 general insurance and reinsurance companies. It employs more than 14,500 people from 37 different countries globally, making its presence in most of the major insurance markets. Being an international corporation, One QBE needs to develop a consistent internal training course that all employees can have easy access to at various locations. And after a long period of consideration, the company opted for an animated staff training video, thanks to its versatility. 


Why Does Corporate Training Need To Be Consistent?

Consistency in training and development programs guarantees that all employees have the same experience and background knowledge. This is particularly crucial for the company’s basic policies and procedures. Employees need to be aware of the expectations and procedures within the corporate environment. Maintaining a consistent training course will result in increased efficiencies, which in turn gains financial boosts. For a global corporation like One QBE, it also ensures the company’s public image and professionalism across all locations.


Learning Process Boost

Global corporations tend to own a huge number of employees, which in turn, makes training quite a task. “1 on 1” or even group training are not viable solutions here. They take way too much time and resources while failing to guarantee the consistency and quality of the course. The employees are busy and stressed-out folks who don’t want to waste their time. When the learning time could be cut down, it is good news and also a motivation to learn.

Not only for the employees, shorten learning time can be an advantage to the company as well. Time-shortening of a video is beneficial for the company in terms of saving costs to produce a course.

In video-based learning video, especially in animation, 1 minute shorter can save even 3000$.

By using animation, the results are persistent, reliable, and fixed. On top of that, it also helps cut down on resource consumption by shortening the learning process.  


Elaboration of Abstract Knowledge

Corporate training or higher education revolves largely around in-depth and complex knowledge. Glancing over pages of technical terminologies can be discouraging, hence, the significant decrease in employees’ comprehension. Animated training videos, on the other hand, tackle this problem effectively. They help break down the complicated information into digestible bites, giving learners a clear visualization at utmost accuracy. 



Animation is versatile and flexible. It can fit every field or majority of expertise and bring them to life through captivating designs. Convey the most abstract knowledge in the most straightforward manner; that’s the power of animation.


Elements of Experiential Learning

Businesses always strive to incorporate the real-life experience into their staff training video. By doing that, employees can have a clear vision of how the knowledge they’re learning is applied in work. Think of animation as a tool that illustrates the vague concepts in realistic scenarios. It can also accurately describe the experience that mentors and trainers want to deliver.


Immersive Design

A clear advantage that animation has over other forms of illustration is indeed the aesthetic appeal. An animated training video will capture the attention of the audience with familiar art styles and vibrant color scheme. Combine it with impressive storytelling and voice-over, the video can trigger multiple reactions from learners. That is not something you can comfortably do with talking heads or whiteboard videos.


Straightforward Delivery 

By breaking down the complicated knowledge, animation helps unambiguously transfer the information. Complex technical terms are now displayed by relatable art styles and intriguing realistic scenarios.


One QBE Case Study

Before contacting F.Studio, One QBE Insurance had produced a script and storyboard for their instructional design. However, the company still needed to upgrade the existing materials with animation that not only looks beautiful but also speaks volumes of their branding. Their goal was to create an exceptional animated staff training video for global employees. 


One QBE’s requirements of the product are as follows:

  • Effective elaboration: One QBE’s internal training deals with in-depth abstract information. Hence, the company asks for a simple, easy to follow breakdown of the knowledge. 
  • Global application: The training video must appeal to all of QBE’s 14,500 employees from 37 different countries. 
  • Presentation of real-life scenarios: Adopt elements of realistic experience into the corporate training video.
  • Engagement: Beautiful and relatable art styles.
  • Conciseness: Keep the video short, simple, and straight to the point.


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F.Studio’s Solutions to One QBE’s Animated Staff Training Video

After sitting down to have a considerate talk with One QBE, F.Studio understood the company’s vision and mission. We set out to create an animation that achieved the following goals.



The primary goal of the internal training video was to better information delivery. So, we study the QBE’s original script and guidelines carefully to produce a framework for the whole project. This guarantees we do not miss any key concepts.



Consistency is another requirement that One QBE stressed. Therefore, F.Studio opted for a consistent animation with the company’s branding presented in visuals, character design, and even the video tone.  We want to ensure the best quality while keeping the course relatable to all of QBE’s employees. 


staff training video

F.Studio’s visual design based on One QBE’s storyboard after studying their branding guideline.



F.Studio upgraded One QBE’s original art style in order to add a refreshing touch. We want the animated learning videos to be professional but fun to watch. It really helped to deliver the knowledge in a captivating manner.


staff training video

One part of One QBE’s training content – the visualized knowledge helps staff understand better



With a clear understanding of One QBE’s business, we designed an Online Training course that appeals to all of 14,500 employees. No specific regions had preferential treatments; we just keep the course clear and accessible for general usage. 



Time is a valuable resource that you can not take back. F.Studio treasures every moment and always seeks to maximize the efficiency of our product. That is also relevant in the QBE Project. We optimized the study time for learners by opting for a quick and easy to understand elaboration. 


The Results

Our mission to upgrade the original illustration of One QBE was a major success. We came up with an in-depth course for their global employees, illustrated by immersive animation. In terms of coloring, we opted for a blue theme for the video because it represents loyalty, trust, security, and intelligence. A light purple touch accompanied it to motivate ambition and encourage learners. 

One QBE’s employees can easily pick up the familiar designs as F.Studio stuck with the original. We just improved it to make the course look more up-to-date! That’s how you keep the internal staff training video informational, yet fun to watch.



We hope that the success story of One QBE Insurance Group has shed some light on the potentials of animation. It is the best tool for condensing abstract knowledge, process, and display information in engaging manners. Animation may just be the missing piece you’re looking for to boost the efficiency and consistency of your business’s staff training. Don’t hesitate to contact us! Book a call right now to start building a staff training video that may transform your company. 


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