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Is animation VIABLE for your corporate training business? (real case study, plan testing, evaluation)

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Using or not using animation for your corporate training services? How does animation scale your business? How much you should invest and how much you will receive back? There are a lot of things to consider, even you know animation’s benefits. Let us show how our client – Integrity and Values – tested the effectiveness of animation in their training business. From how they choose animation, how they overcome the concerns and how they calculate the investment for animation to maximize ROI.

About Integrity and Values

Integrity and Values (I&V) is known as the global leader in behavior change, executive coaching, and team development. In the journey, Integrity and Values’ goal is to successfully train the top managers and leaders who produce extraordinary results for companies.

Follow this mission, they work hard to provide great training courses that’s not only effective but also interesting to their clients. At first, Integrity and Values has chosen talking-head video as a main educating method for a long time. However, when learner’s demand is rising as nowadays, it is no longer an optimal option for them anymore. 

Problems of I&V when using talking-head online training


Undeniably, talking-head video is the cheapest and easiest type of corporate training videos to do. However, this method still has brought lots of disadvantages in the long term for I&V.


Hard to fully deliver the abstract knowledge

First, it’s hard to express the abstract management concepts by talking-head video. Indeed, watching an instructor explaining a subject is not enough to help learners grasp the difficult knowledge. Take a look at this example. How well will your learners understand these terms if with just an explanation by words? You see, in this case, visualizing content that stimulates real environment is much better.


Boring for learners to follow

Furthermore, talking-head videos can appeal to blend and tedious for audiences. Similar to the traditional classroom, learners have to listen for a long time and stay focus for many hours. And trainees don’t want it, especially those who learn online. Instead, they mostly seek a better choice that can be more appealing and engaging to them, such as game-based training or animated training videos.

Difficult to be diverse

Lastly, it is impossible to only use one teaching method for every type of learners. Indeed, different learners will be looking for different learning types. For example, visual learners demand for not only high quality but also professional training course.

So, how did Integrity and Values deal with these problems of talking head training videos? After researching market trends, they found animation. Indeed, they realized that animation training could transfer leadership knowledge better and also suit for various learning styles. However, there are a bunch of barriers to come to the decision of producing animated training videos. 


I & V’s concerns about animation application in corporate training videos


1. Could animation training make lessons less dry and boring?

Yes, animation can describe abstract knowledge engagingly. And, different from the talking-head video, animation corporate training videos are not simply a talking person lecturing from beginning to end. Particularly, instead of explaining a training concept by words, the animation will transfer them to become many beautiful style frames and appealing motions. Therefore, learners won’t feel bored with the diversity and engaging concept of animation. For instance, this storyboard has shown the lesson in a funny and visually engaging way.

corporate training videos

A part of the storyboard for Integrity and Values project




2. Is animation training better than talking-head video?

Animation corporate training videos can improve the outcome of the training course. Indeed, animation help learners restore memory for a long time with colorful features and unique style. Moreover, the story-telling method can guide them to follow the flow of the training course. Naturally, learners can absorb all the knowledge from the course. 


For better understanding:
> Amazing advantages of storytelling method in corporate training 


Furthermore, animation can provoke learners to finish the course. To be more specific, animation sets a new fun vibes for the training session. Employees will no longer be sitting in front of the screen and listening to tedious and difficult theories. Instead, all of these knowledge has been replaced by funny stories of animated characters who act as leaders. Plus, animation also gives learners a space to grow. Particularly, by stimulating the real world, learners could find the lesson is more relevant to them. As a result, animation training engages learners to stay focused and go through sessions to finish the course.


3. Will learners welcome animation training videos?

Undeniably, the animation is an ideal option for a different age range. Unsurprisingly, lots of people have thought that animation is an entertaining and relaxing tool for children in their free time. However, the animation is more than that. Specifically, in the world of 65% of visual learners, the animation is no longer belonging to children only. In fact, it becomes an effective tool for adults to learn in training. 



Moreover, the animation corporate training videos give a clear goal and adapt the internal motive of learners. Normally, adults will be looking for a reason and ask themselves “What could this course give me?” before coming to the course. Luckily, animated videos are short and quickly help learners see the result from the beginning. Once learners are engaged in animation, there is no reason for them to not dive into the training course.



I & V animation effectiveness’s testing plan


How much should I & V invest in animation corporate training videos?

It’s the most difficult question for I&V. In fact, animation is totally a new sector for them. Thus, they can’t decide how much is worth investing in. They have 2 options: 

  • Do it themselves with an animation making software
  • Hire a professional of animation corporate training videos

In fact, to stay within the budget, they had tried to do it themselves with an affordable auto-generated software (Videoscribe). However, self-made products didn’t meet their expectation. Predictably, the product has followed the same template, unrelated motions, and took more time to make because of the lack of experience. 


Testing plan and evaluation guide

F.Learning helped I & V to define the investment and the profit between do-it-yourself animated courses and professional animated courses, take a look at this table:

  Do-it-yourself animated videos Hiring an animation studio for corporate training
Quality Hard to visualize content accurately due to animation software’s limitation (unrelated motion, simple templates or colors) Smooth, accurate, easy to convert knowledge understandably
Frequency Production time is slow while the course series can’t wait. Hard to meet I & V’s client expectations Product permanently
Time wasted Research, production, management Management
Branding No branding. Hard to make I & V’s client remember their brand Animation professionals can create branded corporate training videos


So, is animation VIABLE for I & V’s corporate training business? Here is the result:

  Do-it-yourself animation Studio-based animation
Investment Research, knowledge, the skill of animation production for corporate training Affordable production cost

– Production time

– Editing time

– Management time

– Extra marketing time (since the software just provides templates)

– Management time

– Low-quality videos

– Slow turnaround

– Hard to increase the number of learners

– High-quality videos

– Quick turnaround

– Increase the number of learners

After all, Integrity and Values has come and collaborated with F. Learning Studio to upgrade and enhance their training products and their training course. With many years of experience, together, we have created a successful animation training video for the leadership and management training courses. In addition, we kept the price affordable thanks to mutual support from both sides.


F.Studio’s solution: Animation corporate training videos



This stage helps F. Learning Studio understand I&V requests and ideas. Simultaneously, the client, I&V can get the basic concept of their final product. To achieve the goal, there are 3 steps:


corporate training videos


Free consultation call

A quick call to understand each other better. You can talk more about your project and know how F.Studio can help you. The most important thing is this consultation is free. We believe it is the fastest way to understand your requests and ideas. Plus, direct contact is a great start to build a trustworthy business relationship.

I&V has left their contact on our website. Within 24h, our account reached them via email and arranged a meeting call.



In this step, we sum up all the requests into a project brief, follow up with research, and brainstorm.



After briefing and brainstorming, we propose  the1st draft, including a style frame or short demonstration. In I&V project, we recommend them using motion graphics. This creates smooth motions, easy to visualize yet saving cost. Once approved, we will arrange a production calendar.



In this stage of producing animation training videos, we will do all the hard works. However, we still need feedback so the final product can meet the requirement.


corporate training videos



I&V provided rough materials such as lesson plans and voiceovers. Together, we created engaging stories. Also, our client highlighted and explained to us the abstract, complex concept, so that we can visualize them better in the final animations.


Storyboard and style frame

After a few days of brainstorming, we gave I&V 2 art style options, the 1st one is vector-based motion graphics, with standard human body proportions characters and a blank face. This option provides a professional impression and quite affordable. The 2nd option is hand-drawn characters, more costly, but it has a unique appearance, more motivating and engaging. After considering, I&V chose the 2nd option.

corporate training videos


Illustration, Voiceover, and Animation

After I&V chooses the style, our job is bringing the story to live by illustrating every detail from character design to background elements; matching the voice with nice motions and adding background music, sound effect, etc. We also revisioned the video based on the client’s feedback.


Final product

We used the first concept to go through the whole animation series. The purpose is to reduce the course, keep the consistency, and also help I&V build their brand image better. In terms of I&V, they joined with us from creating storyboards to ensure that the visualization idea is best matched with the content for the best quality animation. Have a look at our final product!



What did Integrity and Values get?


And here the result is! The animation traning video produced gave a new appearance for the course that helps:

  • Engage more learners into the training course
  • Express the abstract and theoretical information better
  • Increase the completion rate of the course

Thanks to animation, Integrity and Value could make learners more satisfying and enjoying learning. We look for more collaborations to produce more effective animation training courses for employees around the world!

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