Best Educational Animation Software for Beginners [Update 2018]

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Teaching materials are no longer limited to texts and documents. The development of technology provides people an access to a variety of resources like audios, games, and animations. Animated videos are a great tool for online educators to better the learner’s experiences, with exciting sounds and visuals, that are fun, engaging and motivating, which could result in significantly improved learning outcomes. And producing animation is not hard. You could find various educational animation software that is both beautiful and user-friendly for you beginner.


Best educational animation software

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A short Cartoon Network standard animated video could take months to produce. It involves plenty of work including script writing, storyboarding, designing, illustrating, and animating. All of them require different sets of skills that could take years to master. Obviously, if you are looking for a way to upgrade online courses with high-quality videos, you should contact a professional studio to get the work done nicely. However, if you want to do it yourself, there are various educational animation software for beginners that help people, with no design background, create their own animated videos.


1. Moovly

Image Source: Moovly

Moovly is a cloud-based digital media content creation platform which enables users to create engaging animated videos, presentations, and infographics. Moovly allows people to use a huge library of pre-built, pre-animated and editable groups of media objects with users’ own content to create stunning video projects.

  • Huge royalty-free media library with over 500,000 videos, illustrations, photos, sounds, and music.
  • Moovly Studio editor with a new and improved user interface for more flexible and intuitive experience.
  • Video generator Moovly Bots automatically creates content based on templates and user’s data.

Pricing: US$5/month or US$55/year


2. GoAnimate/Vyond

Image Source: GoAnimate

Recently GoAnimate has had its name changed to Vyond. It is one of the best cloud-based educational animation software in the market. It gives users easy drag-and-drop experiences with a large number of templates in design and animation. You could create your own high-quality animated video in just 5 minutes with this tool.

  • Voice-over narration is automatic. Users just have to provide the words then the tools would sync the character’s voice.
  • Various themes from all industries and occupations are available with more being added all the time.
  • Full character customization is offered with hundreds of color shades and different styles.

US$39/month or US$299/year for Publish plan.
US$79/month or US599/year for Premium plan.


3. PowToon

Image Source: PowToon

With a mission “so everyone can animate”, PowToon is an intuitive educational animation software that enables anyone, even those with no designing background to create engaging animated videos.

  • Huge library with different looks including modern edge, whiteboard, infographic, cartoon, and corporate styles.
  • Various templates of characters, objects, backgrounds, and layouts.
  • Unlimited royalty free music
  • Export to PDF and PowerPoint is available

Pricing: US$19/month for Pro plan


4. VideoScribe

VideoScribe is an amazing software specializing in whiteboard animated videos for education. It enables users to achieve a cleaner look than the traditional animations where narrators record themselves drawing.

  • Full customization of font, images, canvas, hand drawing styles, and music track
  • Enable users to upload and use their own content
  • Easily export to PowerPoint

Pricing: US$29/month

Most of the animation software requires no installation. You could create your own animations for educational purposes with an affordable annual fee. However, it seems that these tools are best for general ideas or presentation. The pre-designed illustrations limit users in more specific subjects. For example, if you are designing an engineering course, you would find it hard to create a video on how a machine works. The software library only provides you common templates of characters, object, and backgrounds. If you are looking for animations that fit perfectly for your learning content and audience, you should consider contact a studio.

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