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Why tailor-made animation?


Now that we all agree on how important animated videos are to the efficiency of eLearning, let’s talk about tailor-made animation.

Sure you can figure out the work yourself – try to produce animation with the help of cloud-based software and tons of instant, ready-made templates.

But with all what tailor made animation has to offer, why would you?

If you truly want an upgrade and improvement that can turn eLearning over a new leaf, tailor-made animation is without doubt the answer.


  • Animated videos that fit the content perfectly

Definition of “tailor-made”: specially made for a particular customer.

Tailor-made animation is designed from scratch with full examination of your courses’ issues and characteristics, hence, it fits in easily. This is a totally different thing from those stuff that are mass produced to serve a wide range of customers without specifics and thorough consideration of different sizes, tastes and purposes. That is also the exact reason why ready-made goods and products are not gonna fit and satisfy every single one of your demand. Often times you will have to compromise and make by with some features you are not really happy with.

This brings us to the next question: Why settle for the ordinary when we could reach for the higher class?


  • Premium products to go with premium courses’ quality

If you consider your eLearning course a superb learning program that is extremely engaging and embodies highly educational values, or at least aim it to be, you will need more than just some simple illustrations and animations.

Customized and well-made animations make your courses look more professional and attentively designed/organized. Not to mention they will sure do surpass other types of visual forms at delivering the intended message or knowledge.

Don’t just tell your learners that your courses are at a premium quality, show them.


  • A chance to build up your brand image and set your business part

Sooner or later you will have to think about establishing and promoting your brand image run if you want to expand your business in the long run. This is where tailor-made animation will help.

Tailored exclusively for your course, it creates distinctive style and appearance which differ you from other competitors, leave a strong impression on customers and successfully position your brand on the market. These advantages are something those rigid look-alike template animations could never dream of.


  • Let the professionals do the work for you

You can spend hours, days, weeks, even months to learn about animation, struggle to find a way to use all the complicated software tools and end up with some average, not-so-fascinating videos. Or, you can just hire experienced animators and illustrators to do it for you – lots of time saved and beautiful results guaranteed. The choice is yours.


Here at F.Studio, we not only just bring you premium tailor-made animation but we also do that at much a more reasonable cost*.

Contact us to find more about pricing. We offer for free consultation for your educational animated video on your request as well.

*compared to other US-based animation studios




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