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5 ways to use animated training videos for the best results

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According to Forrester Research, today’s tech-savvy employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than to read emails, documents, or web articles. To accommodate this trend, from Multinational Companies to your local corporate, animated training videos are increasingly being used as an effective method in corporate training. They spark joys and make the training more fun, more approachable. However, overusing them may lead to distraction to the main content, and that, consequently, does not ensure the training outcomes. In this article, we will show you some suggestions on how to make the best of your animation for training purposes.


Best practices to use animation in corporate training

Corporate training includes many types of animation videos. They can be onboarding training, tool training, skills training, etc. From sales training videos to other occupational skills videos, animation assists the HR department in diversifying their training methods, especially in the case of new hires training, when the audience has no background knowledge about what they are going to see. Also, this training method helps improve accessibility to the content through well-articulated animated training videos.

For each video, the style and the visuals might differ in many ways depending on the company identity, culture, and trainers’ preferences. Below are 6 significant applications of animation in corporate training that includes:

  • HR policies training
  • New hires training (also called Onboarding newbies)
  • Health and safety training in the workplace
  • Data security and protection training
  • Leadership & management training
  • Technical skill training

Each practice will show you why and how animation best delivers the topic based on successful examples. You’ll also find some notable tips to create a compelling animation training video that every employee loves to watch!


HR policies training 

Policies training can be hard and tedious for employees to absorb. The challenge lies in how to help the corporate understand the vital security standard are without making them bored. Conducted in an animation approach, PCI corporate provides specific instructions by telling a fun story of how a person should act in certain circumstances (recognize and report the malpractices). The storyline is clear and well-prepared.


The characters of the video are also simple and comprehensible. The characters get a paper cut feeling with simple motions that are very consistent from the beginning until the end of the video. 

This video works well because of storytelling techniques and effective character-building without much effort. This style certainly keeps the audience from being distracted (no complicated drawings and characters).


Onboarding Training

The new hire onboarding is a video from FileBound, an Australia tech company. In under 3 minutes, the video has successfully achieved its purpose: to help the newbies understand what they have to do, what forms to fill, and what the company intends to provide. 


Although in terms of storytelling, this onboarding training video is not one of the best ones, but it has a concrete structure and logic in showing task by task. This new employee training can definitely help the newbies to follow through the process without getting confused about where they should go and who they should meet. In terms of visuals, the animation maker is considerate enough to develop a simple and clean theme that matches the company nature and brand identity. The key visuals can be categorized by only 2 types: basic shapes and human forms, which make the audience feel easy on the eyes.

Overall, this video has fulfilled its objective by delivering a simple yet well-communicated message without overdoing the animation.


Health and Safety Training in the Workplace

The topic of safety and health usually does not attract much attention from the public. Sometimes it can be categorized as a ‘boring’ topic as you know, nobody fully watches till the end of a plane safety measures on a flight. However, this video has done an excellent job conveying the message without getting too drastic about the dangerous situation.


Fire in a hospital, if it happens, will seriously damage a lot of people, especially the patients. Therefore, nurses should be fully equipped for the worst case. Nonetheless, simulation of hospital fire is very costly and complicated, frankly impossible. Safety animation is a common solution with visualization, comprehensive explanations, and instructions. For example, the health training in the workplace video below done for Intelycare succeeded in making use of all the advantages of animation. Delightful illustrations, memorable directions will surely imprint in nurses’ heads and guide them through the emergencies.


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Data security and protection training

There are many approaches to make animated training videos for data security training and data protection training. But this video has chosen a friendly way to deliver a complex topic just through 3 minutes of animated scenes.


Overall, the animation is not outstanding in terms of visual design, but its way of telling a related story makes it easier for the audience to follow. This proves that the producer takes the audience’s preferences very seriously that it is almost relatable and enjoyable to everyone watching. Even if we put this data security training video in a more casual context, it remains effective.


Leadership & management training

Integrity & Values was another client of F.Learning Studio with one of our challenging briefs. They wanted to minimize the cost of making instructional animated leadership videos, but in their home country, the cost is pretty high to match their expectations. Our studio has consulted with the client and came up with an affordable solution but still achieves their standards.


The animation video series conveys abstract notions of but with a straightforward kind of manner. Rather than putting all hard text onto the screen, the characters and visuals are vividly presented. The color scheme was chosen very carefully to link with the brand identity. The series is the combination between a nicely made animated leadership video and a logical flow.


Technical skill training

Technical skill training is familiar to all people who have to use machines/equipment as the main way of working. Some small companies might prefer to take the on-job training approach because they believe that’s the only way to get new people to adapt to the job quickly. However, Aviassist has proved that by investing in the right animated videos, they can even design a whole course to get a large number of people with little to no experience with drones to learn effortlessly.

The videos break down many complicated concepts so that everyone can comprehend and follow the instructions by using flexible animated elements.



5 tips to use animated training videos for the best results

Learning from the above practices, we have summarized a helpful tips collection to help you make meaningful and effective animation.


1. Make relatable content and design elements

Nowadays, in the era of Youtube and Tiktok, “relatable” videos might get more engagement than a well-crafted, professional video. If you have noticed, all successful cases make good use of the insights they get from their audience. What makes them laugh, what engages them, and what might distract them are three things you should have in mind when creating content and choosing the video theme. “Relatable” can be defined as a story that everyone has been through, a picture that everyone can relate to trending online, or maybe just a situation that is typical for your company.


2. Apply storytelling technique

A clear storyline does not need to be dramatic. What it needs is to be engaging and well-structured. If you are making videos to train the staff about how to spot red flags in day-to-day business activities, you better have a story. Or else, it might sound like you are trying to threaten the employees with a list of big “don’t”.

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3. Simulate practical scenarios

This is a good way to start, especially when you are trying to make a company’s employees understand compliances and business ethics. Those things are sensitive topics, and if a person cannot understand thoroughly, they will think they are not doing anything wrong (even the fact that they do). The animation video should show a familiar situation that requires the audience to interact with and think hard about.


4. Think about interactive platforms

Animation videos can play up their game if they are presented on an interactive platform that a person can click, drag, and directly take actions onto the video content. This will make learning experiences more fun, just like playing video games. You can consider using this tip for a new hires training video; it can make you surprised how engaging it can be!


5. Pay attention to cohesion and logic

 A poorly structured video is a big no. If your video leaves the audience with ambiguity, that video has failed. Even the drawings were nice; the voiceover was spectacular, it still lost its purpose. In training, the highest purpose is to get the learner to understand the topic clearly and logically. Therefore, double-check the video flow before you do any further step.



Effective animated video making takes much time and effort to make, but the results will definitely outweigh them. Try our tips and see if you can level up your videos and deliver amazing sessions that impact the learners. Training sessions are supposed to be engaging, not tiring; we are happy to give corporates a hand in educating employees effectively. Contact us to get your free 30-minute consultation session. We will help you in making those dull videos more exciting and effective.


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