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Simple nursing Case Study:

Attracting 200.000+ nurse students to acquire the app, what's Simple Nursing secret of success?

Simple Nursing is one of the US leading companies in nursing educational technology. Their courses are commonly available on apps and websites such as youtube. Simple Nursing’s subject matter covers a wide range of specialties, such as pharmacology, physiology, cardiology. Generally, their specialty is to provide memory tricks and test tips for nursing students to help them pass the NCLEX™.

Look at the huge number of followers and subscribers on their Youtube channel!

Applying animation as the only teaching medium


Mike Linares, founder of Simple Nursing, understands very well that medical information is extremely dense and diverse. It is then often overwhelming to take in, even for professionals. While SN is positioning themselves as the simplest way to pass nursing school, there are 2 difficulties for them to solve:

    • First is to make complex and abstract medical concepts simpler
    • And second is to add entertaining features to make tips and tricks more memorable

Foreseeing the future of medical animation, Simple Nursing has come up with animation as their optimal solution. Especially, medical animation is the perfect language to visually explain any complicated concepts. Also, thanks to the creative storytelling technique used for funny references that are relatable and familiar, their animation makes the content enjoyable and memorable than ever. Check out the showreel here!

More than a means of communication, animation is the key to advance their business


Beginning with the demand to survive among the saturation of the nursing education market, SN needed to find their unique feature (or called Unique Selling Point). While the competitors were featured with whiteboard notes, talking-head video, or pre-design animation, SN went ahead with a huge investment in tailor-made animation. Animation was strategically chosen as a competitive advantage to draw their target audience’s attention among others, because they understand that: “Doing business is a customer-centric game, if you give your customer a better offer than rivals, you win.”

Animation – the key to stand out the brand also puts a positive impact on improving service quality. That leads to an increase in customers’ satisfaction and therefore, improves their brand image.

That being said, the momentum of SN is F. Learning Studio’s mission, to help them create Unique Selling Point through tailor-made animation.

“F. Learning team has been a pleasure to work with! Our nursing students absolutely love the colorful animation, seamless transitions and engaging diagrams. We expect to reach a wider audience and grow our following of over 500,000 social media followers with the help of F learning. Being an educational company for over 7 years, it has been challenging to stay at the top of our game, but with these new engaging videos, I believe we will reach higher levels. Thank you F. Learning!”
Mike Linares, RN, MSN



 Design a simple but compelling style 

We aim to create a good and consistent look for their courses to please the eyes of all audiences. Using just sufficient elements without any cramming enables us to keep up with the high-quality standards while not exceeding the allocated budget.


Add creative motions

Motions are specially created and tailor-made to be different from the templates of animation software. That would help ensure customized quality and unique originality throughout the animation series.


Create a transparent working process

Our purpose is to accelerate timely feedback and response to commit to deadline and quality criteria. With the great support from SN, we are so proud of 150 minutes of animation produced in 4 months in 2019. In 2020, we expect to carry out 600 minutes of animation in 9 months.

Nurse students love animation!

View more feedback here

To wrap up, according to Verified Market Research, the Medical Animation Market was valued at USD 163.2 Million in 2018 and is projected to reach USD 669.63 Million by 2026. The number has proved the standpoint and the future of medical animation, and Simple Nursing, also, is a great example of upgrading business by smart tactics of applying animation in their business. In this competitive era, it’s necessary to have a secret tool to avoid lagging behind. Let animation do the work!

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