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[Covid-19 support] With just $499 per minute, we’ll create custom animated videos for education and training purposes that will help you sell products better and increase your customer’s satisfaction.

One-stop animation shop

Experience an end-to-end animation service with the average cost of $499+

1. Consultation
2. Script Writing
3. Storyboarding
4. Pro Voiceover
5. Custom style frame & Illustration
6. Premium Animation

Take care of multi-tasks at the price of hiring one person

Together with you, we will:
Produce high-quality animation
  • Tailor-made animation that stands out from templated one
  • Better way of applying storytelling technique in your video
  • Improve the video quality thanks to captivating visual explanations
Tackle all problems of the in-house production team
  • Deal with ‘hardship’ requests from clients
  • Handle a large number of animation videos
  • Make your clients happier with 2 times as fast as turnaround time
Show your clients their return on investment earlier
  • Fun, informative, and easy to digest videos get positive feedback from the audiences immediately
  • Good animations help increase the perceived value of your services in the customers’ eyes

Successful case studies

More than a production house, we aim to be your helpful partner

Simple Nursing Story

We help them to create a series of animation in such a short time to meet their deadline for launching their new course’s look. We are so proud of 150 minutes of animation produced in 4 months in 2019. In 2020, we are carrying out 600 minutes of animation in 9 months.

F.Learning Studio - Integrity Educational Animation Examples

Integrity & Values Story

I&V wants to upgrade their course professionally and beautifully with animation but still in budget. They tried affordable auto-generated animation software, but the videos failed their expectation. Our help is to produce cost-efficient animation training videos that fit their learning objectives as well as branding awareness.

“F. Learning team has been a pleasure to work with! Our nursing students absolutely love the colorful animation, seamless transitions and engaging diagrams. We expect to reach a wider audience and grow our following of over 500,000 social media followers with the help of F. Learning. Being an educational company for over 7 years, it has been challenging to stay at the top of our game, but with these new engaging videos, I believe we will reach higher levels. Thank you F. Learning!”
Mike Linares, RN, MSN


Our core value

3 simple reasons to work with us

Experienced production house

50 minutes per month

is the average length of animation that we are producing for our clients now.

Affordable pricing

$499 per minute

is a once-in-a-lifetime price we are offering to support you, the small businesses like us, a way to survive well during the Covid-19 pandemic. Don’t miss this chance!

We are trusted by

leading companies

and top-tier universities worldwide like One QBE, the UNSW, Intelycare, and Simple Nursing.

Quick FAQs

Explore more questions about production time and prices here!

How can I keep control of the working process?

We give you more control by uploading the work of every process. You have a full update regarding what is going on and free revisions if needed.

If I have the script already, can I use it?

Yes. We work with professional scriptwriters. However, if you have the script already, we can consult you on how to make it work and whether it suits your objectives.

If I design the illustration already, can I use it?

Yes. However, there is much more work to do with the animation. We’ll need to break down your design into small parts, so the animator adds movement. Hence, there is no large difference in the overall price.

In which format is the video delivered?

We deliver animations in full HD 1920×1080. However, we also send videos in other formats as requested by clients.

How many revisions included in an animation production?

All milestones include unlimited revisions. We even offer free reviews after the job was done (please contact us for more details).

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