Pros and cons of hiring small animation studios

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Hiring small animation studios is the optimal option for businesses, especially small companies or start-ups who want to try animation for the first time. Indeed, a small studio not only could give an affordable price but also provide satisfactory service to produce the perfect animated video. However, small animation studios still have some disadvantages compared with other options. So, should or shouldn’t businesses hire small animation studios to create animated videos for their course? Let find out.


Advantages of hiring small animation studios

Affordable price

Everything has a price. Specifically, big animation studios produce a high-quality product with expensive equipment, advanced technologies, and highly skilled employees, then, the price will be relatively high. Especially, when you come to big animation studios, you also have to pay for their reputation and their popularity in the market. On the other hand, small animation studios won’t ask you to pay any extra fees. Indeed, you only need to give them the original payment for the animation video. For that reason, the price is much cheaper and affordable.


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High quality

Different from DIY, small animation studios can provide many options for you to choose from. On the internet, free websites or animation tools can only give users limited templates and images to employ. But, animation studios could do authentic works, which means they will provide you with tailor-made asset and customize the course due to your preference. There will be no limitation in design and creativity in your learning course. Due to the authentic work, the quality of the products can be as good as the one from big popular studios.

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Moreover, accuracy is the priority of small animation studios. Particularly, small animation studios mostly have multiple checks before officially delivering the final product. Specifically, even people in different positions will evaluate animation videos to ensure quality as well as the knowledge of the product. For example, medical knowledge requires high correctness when transforming into animation. To avoid mistakes in the working progress, the whole production team and people in other departments such as marketing or sales will recheck whenever they finish one step.

Consistent work

Compared with the big popular studios, small animation studios mostly work consistently as a team to make a perfect animated video. Normally, the big animation studios will divide their team into different groups, and each group works in one process. Consequently, sometimes misunderstanding could happen. On the other hand, small animation studios mostly work together as a team. Hence, they can easily communicate and review other’s works and feedback easily. Importantly, animators can understand storyboard artist to ensure the quality at the end. As a result, animation videos contain both beautiful visuals and smooth motions.

Moreover, small animation studios can provide a full package service. Indeed, a studio will take care of all stages of production progress from script to animation. Different from hiring freelancers who are usually masters at one step of the whole process. Thus, working with a small studio for all work could save you better than hiring many freelancers at one time. Then, you just need to contact one person and ask about the working process. And, of course, the quality is guaranteed.


Working one-on-one level

Since the small animation studio is still young and new, they have high enthusiasm and willingness to put more effort into the work. Apart from the big studio, you can work privately and priority with small animation studios. Especially, you will receive a VIP service whenever you work with them. In a nutshell, you will be treated equally even when you produce one video or a series. Furthermore, when you have some related concerns about the field, they will provide you reasonable answers and suggestions. 


And, small animation studios will always appreciate personal ideas and feedback from clients. Indeed, they will take all into account to give the most satisfactory animation videos for both clients and audiences.


Disadvantages of hiring small animation studio

More expensive than DIY

Undeniably, clients who work individually and have limited funds will hardly hire an animation studio. Comparing with free options online, the cost of hiring a small animation studio still slightly high and surpass the budget. Specifically, hiring outsourced to product animation videos could cost 5 or 6 times more expensive than signing up on the DIY website. However, the high cost comes with high quality. And, having external opinions from a third party can be a big helper in developing the project. Therefore, you need to reconsider well before having the final decision.


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Young experience

Small animation studios don’t have a high reputation as big ones in the industry. Indeed, it is younger and perhaps just begin to build their brand in the market. Because of being new, small animation studios do not have as many resources or big clients to show off as big animation studios. Therefore, it could take some time for them in the production progress. And, the deadline may have to extend longer than expected.



To sum up, hiring small animation studios could have some small drawbacks compared with other options. However, the benefit of small animation studios surpass these disadvantages and it could provide:

  • An affordable price for clients’ budget
  • A high-quality product
  • Working one-on-one service
  • Appreciation for ideas and feedback

After this article, we hope that you can have more information before having the final decision on creating animation for your learning course. If you’re interested in working with small animation studios like F.learning Studio, contact us. With our experience, we can give you the best service and high-quality animation product.


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