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5 best online scriptwriting courses for animations hand-picked by an expert

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A script for an educational animated video can be seen as a guide or a map for smooth and flawless video production. Just how can you write one most effectively, you asked? You can either choose to hire an in-house agency, a freelancer or write it yourself; however, every choice has its pros and cons. Regardless of which one you opt for, you should know the basic scriptwriting techniques for animations to keep track of and control the quality of your work. Short online courses are most suitable for beginners like you to quickly grasp the ‘foundation.’ Let me assist on your animation scriptwriting journey, by presenting you with the best online scriptwriting courses for animation that are carefully hand-picked by an expert in our studio.


Firstly, we’re gonna have a brief introduction to scripts – what are the ‘magical elements’ in it?


What makes an awesome script for animation educational video?

The magical elements of scripts are what makes animated educational videos awesome. So here are what to do to make your scripts fun:

  1. Simple language

The purpose of an animation script is to make explainer videos as easy-to-understand as possible.

  1. Short, crisp sentences

Using short, crisp sentences keeps the subject clear and allows your learners to absorb the information quickly.

  1. Conversational in nature

Write as if you are talking with your audiences; channel your dialogue into your word.

  1. Moderate length

The optimal length for an animated video is 90 seconds, equals to 200-250 words in the script.

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5 best online scriptwriting courses for animation


1. Udemy: “Writing a Script for Animation in Adobe Story”

Udemy is a famous online learning site that sells education courses in various disciplines. This Udemy course will guide you when writing scripts for your animation using Adobe Story.

Here is the preview:

What you’ll learn:

  • The importance of scriptwriting 
  • How to write your own story
  • Develop characters and plots 
  • Transform stories into scripts
  • Using Adobe Story to write a script



  • Affordable Price: $49.99 
  • Short time required
  • Positive feedback from learners
  • Great examples, simple and concise content
  • High course rating: 4.2/5 stars
  • Udemy is a trusted broad platform in online courses.


“Instructor is clear and concise and extremely knowledgeable with great examples.” – Feedback from a learner.



  • Restricted with only the use of Adobe Story
  • The content is on basic-level -> only suitable for novices.


2. Screenwriters University: “Writing the Animated Feature Film”

More insightful than just primary knowledge, Screenwriters University offers this online course for those who want to focuses on learning animation screenwriting.

screenwriters university scriptwriting online course

What you’ll learn:

  • Detailed 3-act screenplay structure
  • Writing with “sequences” and “structural landmarks.”
  • “Worlds,” themes and scenes in animation
  • The business of Animated Features 
  • Writing for 4 Quadrants
  • Film language 



  • Affordable Price: $49.99
  • An assignment each week for private evaluation from the instructor 
  • Mutual journal between the learner and the instructor
  • Peer critique (not mandatory) 



  • Screenwriters University might not be well-known by amateur
  • Hard to find information about the instructor
  • Not clear on students’ reviews: no direct comment section, feedbacks are posted on a managed page on their website.


The following courses below focus on scriptwriting only. There is no relation to animation. It requires more effort from you to apply this scriptwriting knowledge into animation making.


3. Pulse College: “Scriptwriting and Screenwriting course.”

Unlike the other courses mentioned, this scriptwriting and screenwriting Bootcamp support learners with an encouraging environment as there is a close interaction between the instructor and their peers.

pulse college online course scriptwriting screenwriting


What you’ll learn:

  • Writing scripts using correct formats and layouts.
  • Prepare and develop an idea into a finished script. 
  • The application of different dramatic models
  • Research and understand structures



  • Instructor: Tom Hall, is an award-winning writer of fiction, a critic, columnist and one-time screen editor of The Dubliner Magazine.
  • Intensive learning experience
  • Student-centered style of writing workshop
  • Interactive and proactive narrative approach rather than focusing on theory 



  • Expensive fee: €390
  • Long duration: 5 days 
  • Fixed schedule


4. Future Learn: “An Introduction to Screenwriting”

For a beginner in scriptwriting like you, this online course is just a perfect choice. This course designed by The University of East Anglia will help you explore the key concepts and fundamental principles involved in the process of screenwriting


What you’ll learn:

  • Basic characteristics of screen story 
  • How to develop a basic storyline
  • Story structures, characters, and construction of scenes 
  • The process of generating a script



  • Affordable Price: $54
  • Free version with limited features (for those who want to try)
  • Future Learn is a trusted broad platform in online courses. 
  • High recommendation from learners: 4.8/5 stars


“This course was an excellent introduction to screenwriting, and has given me some great starting points and resources to continue on with.” – Feedback from a learner.


5. LinkedIn: “Video Script Writing”

Scriptwriting for Informational videos is the most popular type of animated educational videos, and it is the focus of this LinkedIn Learning course.


What you’ll learn:

  • The formation of an informational video: from defining goals, analyzing audiences, to creating outlines, drafts, revision and the final product
  • The modes of persuasion 
  • Using script templates
  • Setting up two-column scripts 



  • Low Price: $9.99
  • Instructor: Rick Allen Lippert, is an award-winning writer, producer, and director and a 35+ year video veteran.
  • Study group for discussions
  • Add the certificate straight into your LinkedIn account.



  • Not up-to-date: latest update was on April 10, 2018 
  • Focus only on informational videos



An excellent script can surely bring you many benefits such as more engaging educational videos, better communication with other members, and the list goes on. Investing your time, effort, and money on online scriptwriting courses is an effective way to start transforming your lessons into captivating animated videos. Advance your animation production by using an online learning method. Self-learning is a good start, but it can be difficult and time-consuming when you want to master the superior skills. If you find it’s hard to write a tone of scripts for animation series or want to speed up the process, contact animation experts for help. Here at F.Learning Studio, we offer you free consulting up to 30 minutes. In this session, we will give suggestions and tailored solutions for your specific case. Contact us for more information!

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