Innovative teaching methods for in-class learning

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Every teacher has to face a same challenge. And it is to find an effective teaching method. If eLearning is famous for MOOCs or instructional videos, then in-class learning keeps in hand a secret ace, that is innovative teaching methods. The innovative teaching method isn’t a new term; however, just a few people truly understand and know how to apply it effectively.


What are innovative teaching methods? 

  • Innovative methods = Renewing & Creating traditional methods better

To define innovative teaching methods is to uncover the role of creativity and technology when they are incorporated into teaching methods. And yes, as its name, an innovative teaching method means renewing the way teaching is traditionally approached. Moreover, innovation also refers to the creation of better or more effective education that signals a positive change in students’ learning outcomes.

  • Why innovative teaching methods?

Nowadays, innovative teaching methods are widely applied in the classroom. Especially from since traditional strategies didn’t work as effectively as in the past. To clarify, the role of teachers isn’t only an expert who transmits knowledge and information to students. More essentially, both parents and schools expect teachers to be the people who can develop student’s abilities in problem-solving, teamwork, self-learning, and reflective thinking. That’s why primary teachers need creativity and technology to further engage the children in lessons.

  • An example of innovative teaching methods in the classroom

There are numerous types of innovative teaching methods, and one typical example is inquiry-based instruction.

So what is the difference between traditional and inquiry-based method?

In traditional teaching, students are less likely to ask questions. Instead of asking questions to explore the knowledge, children are expected to listen and answer the question posed by the teacher. Nevertheless, at this age, primary students learn most through exploring the world and interacting with others. Hence, inquiry-based instruction is beneficial because encourages students to ask questions then investigate their own ideas which helps improve their understanding. In short, the more questions they ask, the more useful knowledge they convert from information that levels up their engagement.


How innovative teaching methods help increase the effectiveness of in-class learning?


1. For the purpose of transmitting teaching materials

Interactive learning environment enhances students’ learning process.

Innovative methods create real-world scenarios, challenges, and problems in the lessons. So, these methods can help engage students in critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork and self-management.

It’s a fact that what students learn isn’t limited in the textbooks. Not less importantly, it can also be the soft skills that students gained through developing learning method while grasping the knowledge. Therefore, the innovative teaching method reduces the teaching role and strengthens the facilitator role of a teacher as expected.

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Adaptive teaching meets students’ individual need.

We all know that every learner is different, especially children who need more care from teachers. However, most educational presentations and materials are the same for all. Unluckily, there is no “one size fits all” solution, and technology helps the teachers to customize teaching to the capability of each student.

To clarify, in traditional teaching methods, teachers give only one level of teaching to all students. On the other hand, innovative teaching methods allow teachers to create a personalized path through educational content. Through brainstorming teamwork, teachers can find out the individual’s particular learning style and adapt to teaching culture. In addition, higher technological means such as tablets or mobile allows creating more teaching activities to be customized to each student.


2. The advantages of innovative technology-based teaching methods

Students are living in a technology world so they will learn better within the technology-based environment. Therefore, some people believe that technology integration has changed the way students learn from passive to active learning compared to the past.

So, how can technology-based teaching methods do that?

  • Firstly, technology makes learning more fun and enjoyable for children who never pay enough attention in the class.
  • Secondly, technology supports teachers to make a better explanation for primary students who have “empty and fresh” mind and are not uniform in knowledge background as the teachers.
  • Finally, innovative technology-based methods provide a proactive teaching-learning environment for kids who are always eager to explore the world to fulfill their curiosity.

Apart from that, the technology-based methods allow teachers to add multimedia elements to in-class learning. For instance, teachers can add everything they want to make the lessons more lively and attractive. Image, graph, sound effect, short video, animation, etc. Because children love studying through visuals and stories, it’s very useful as technology create opportunities for teachers to do that.


5 effective tools are best used for innovative teaching methods


1. Socrative – a cloud-based app

Socrative is an educational app that allows the teachers to easily create polls, quizzes and other educational exercises for their classes. And the teachers can monitor their students’ response and progress in.

The first advantage is that teachers can experience various types of quizzes as multiple choice, true/ false, and short answer responses in Socrative. Moreover, teachers can include pictures in the questions and ask questions about diagrams, charts, and any other item that they have an image of.

Another exciting thing is that the teachers can get students in a competitive format for quizzes. We all know that most primary students like competition because it boosts energy to do better than others. More essentially, the power of championship ramps up the level of children’s engagement into the competition as well as the lessons.

Pros Cons
Teachers can host a “space race” in the classroom to attract primary students Can distract students from learning
Can be used to administer short quizzes Time-consuming to create quizzes and game
Flexible to assess (available on PC, laptop, tablets)  


2. Vyond – an animation tool

Vyond (has known as GoAnimated) is a tool helps teachers make educational animation. For now, animated video-based learning course maybe is not too new in education. However, some teachers don’t know that they can easily do animation at home without hiring a freelancer or a studio. 

Nowadays, using animation in explaining the complex and abstract content is the current trend of savvy educators. That is because children love cartoons and how happy they will be if they can learn by watching animated videos as entertainment. Meanwhile, the storytelling in animation is appreciated as one of the most effective teaching methods to help students absorb knowledge as well as engage in the lessons.

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Another benefit is that animation can also change the atmosphere in the classroom and bring a new learning experience for children. By including multimedia elements (visuals, animating, sound, etc) animated videos can also effectively hold the attention of the students in a class.

Pros Cons
Visualize subject for better understanding Can distract students from learning
Amazing explainer to make learning faster Cost-consuming to produce
Motivation booster for students to learn more Time-consuming for long educational animation


Here is an example of animated videos that helps primary students get used to the bar model approach when learning Math. As you can see, animations inspire children to explore the world, stimulate imagination and develop the love for math. By creating various funny and familiar characters, animations turn the most boring subject – Math into the most entertaining one.



3. ClassDojo – a class management tool

ClassDojo is a classroom tool that uses technology to track students’ behavior in a classroom quickly and easily. Based on a host of game mechanics, this tool is famous with: think level-ups, badges, and achievements to unlock, in-classroom games, avatars, and leaderboards.

Even more, ClassDojo connects teachers with students and parents to build amazing classroom communities. Thus, teachers would help students showcase and share their learning by adding photos and videos to their own portfolios. Not only students but also their parents can gain benefit from ClassDojo. For instance, the parents will be engaged by being shared their children’s pictures and videos of beautiful classroom moments.

Pros Cons
Free for teachers to access Making the classroom become a competitive space so students can forget the learning purposes.
Create a “growth mindset” to encourage and develop the intelligence Teachers can lose physical control and become dependent on the app
Eye-catching theme for students and parents  


4. Schoology – a learning management system

Schoology is a system that helps teachers create calendar and class roster. Besides, it also keeps track of the students’ assessment results. One marked thing is that this system receives a lot of positive reviews from teachers over the world.

Schoology brings the sense of reliability so that teachers and students can focus on teaching and learning instead of the technology they’re using. Due to its feature, the teacher can quickly create rich media-based lessons, reuse their past courses to give online assignment or homework for students. Moreover, teachers and parents can join a community together to update the students’ learning situation.

Pros Cons
Teachers can assess free version and upgrade if necessary Require modern technical equipment from the school
Offer great ways to organize classroom materials Difficult for teachers to keep up with technology systems
Provide individual instruction for an adaptive learning strategy Limited to upload educational material (i.e. 15MB for a video)


5. SMART board – an interactive board

SMART Board is an interactive whiteboard that combines the function of a whiteboard with the power of a computer. Thanks to using touch detection feature, teachers can give lessons, write and save the work with just a finger or a pen.

Besides, the convenience of a SMARTboard is displaying anything prepared at home just by connecting the USB or serial cables to the computer. Hence, it can transform the classroom into an interactive learning environment.  As a result, students feel engaged and pay more attention at school.

Pros Cons
Have more choice concerning time and space for teaching The price is not cheap (start at 2000$, can reach 30000$)
Can optimize of using graphic, images, and visuals to give a real-life learning experience Require for high-technology experience from the teachers
Easy to find amazing SMARTboard resources on the Internet.  



The integration of innovative educational technology gives a leap in teaching when compared to pens and papers in the traditional teaching method. It’s clear to see that both teachers and children gain benefits from innovative teaching methods as we have shown above. As a primary school teacher, you already know the importance of innovative methods, and there is no reason to not apply it in the classroom for your children. For the next step, your task will be finding out the most efficient teaching tool that fit your teaching goal and style. Keep in touch and look for what we will bring to you, a magnet aid that will make you surprised!


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