[Infographic] Subjects that are best delivered with visual aids

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It is true that visual aid can have an amazing effect on learning if used appropriately. However, another factor that could make or break the success of using visual aid is whether the nature of the lesson itself is suitable.

So what subjects can visual aid has the most powerful effect on? Let find out! 


<This infographic is a part of an article talking about concerns about using visual aids in education. Click on the image to read more.>

That’s how visual aid is best use in teaching each type of knowledge! As you see, visual aids is particularly helpful in teaching various subjects to primary students, from subject with facts and numbers as Math to foreign language. To be more specific, this power comes from:

  • colorful and interesting images and illustrations that excite children to learn
  • the ability to better explain knowledge through clear simple pictures
  • the benefit of being flexible and can be 


Check out this article to get more insights into the power of visual aids in teaching:
» The power of visual in teaching and learning


Visual aids in Primary Education:
from understanding to applying

A 37-page eBook for primary teachers including:

- How to better understand primary students' learning 

- Tips to choosing the right teaching aids 

- Ultimate guide to design effetice visual aids for teaching


An example of applying visual aids to teach memorizational subject 



MNOP Kids is an expert in education and creative thinking. They soon realized that visualization has a powerful impact on children, especially in teaching new language. Therefore, they collaborated with F. learning Studio to produce an animated video that visualizes the Alphabet song with relatable and funny images and motions. When combining with music, the video could help kid easily remember the letter and learn new word better. 

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» ShinShin Tang case study: Animation empowers teaching mental health for children


By now you have known what subject should be taught visually and how visual is effective in delivering each kind of knowledge. We hope you could decide the next step in choosing the right tools to enhance learning in your classroom. Perhaps if you are thinking about using it in your next class. Well then, check out our articles on how to choose the most suitable visual aids for you.


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Visual aids in 
Primary Education


From Understanding

 to Applying