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[Infographic] How to know how primary students learn?

Jun 18, 2019Blog, teaching and learning, teaching primary school0 comments

Do you know how primary students learn?  It can be difficult to try to understand learning from the time most of us could not remember. Let’s be honest here, how much can you actually remember from the years of learning in primary school? We hope that this article would be somewhat useful to your understanding of how primary students learn. There are 2 main types of learning and development that occur at this age that we would like to touch on:




That’s how primary students learn. So what can this tell us about teaching in the classroom? Check out the full article of this infographic for more insights into implications on teaching and learning

To understand more about Visual aids in primary education, take a look at: 
» The power of visual in teaching and learning
» Concerns about using visual aids in education 
» How to design visual aids for teaching purpose
» Evaluation time: Is the visual aid working for you?

Visual aids in Primary Education:
from understanding to applying

A 37-page eBook for primary teachers including:

- How to better understand primary students' learning 

- Tips to choosing the right teaching aids 

- Ultimate guide to design effective visual aids for teaching


We hope that this infographic helps you gain some interesting insights into the learning process of these young learners. Teaching primary school is, of course, no piece of pie but through passion, elementary teachers still do them so well for so many centuries. With the development of technology, teaching and learning can be more fun and efficient than ever before! To start diving into the world of technology, have a look at our quick list of innovative teaching tools right here.


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