How To Get Free Instructional Video Background Music

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As you work on projects or create learning videos, you will find yourself in need of good background music to make your work more relatable. Besides mainstream popular songs you can easily find via major online music websites, you also need unique tracks tailored to your projects, at least to some degree. This is where things get tricky because the unique background music is hard to come by unless you know where to look. In this article, we show you the sources of awesome free instructional video background music and discuss copyright issues.

It Isn’t Easy to Get Free Instructional Video Background Music

No Free Music Even for a Second

Many people think if they just use a tiny fraction of a song, they won’t get into trouble and actually don’t have to buy the song. Some teachers just want to play a few seconds of a new song to get students’ attention, and then they can start teaching. However, copyright laws in many areas, including the United States, do not allow even the minimum use of music without a license. Copyright laws do vary across countries or regions of a country, so you have to look at the laws where you live to understand better.

Buy CD vs. Buy Music

Many teachers think that they have the right to do whatever they want with the music once they have bought the CD. Buying an artist’s CD allows you to listen to their hard work, but not to redistribute or reuse their music to make your own work. So, even though you own a CD, you still have to ask for permission to use the music on your learning website or in your videos. This law is applied widely. For example, if you post a video on YouTube that has illegal copyright music, YouTube won’t make your video available unless you have the permission from the authentic creators.

Free Music on the Internet May Be Illegal

Many of us have at least one time in our life downloaded free music from somewhere on the Internet without caring if we are violating copyright law or not. Unless you download the music from legal sites which have the permission of the music owners, you have probably violated copyright laws multiple times. Considering the Internet is the major place for teachers to obtain their teaching materials, including music, it is really difficult to use music even just for the background of a video without worrying about copyright issues.

3 Ways to Get Free Instructional Video Background Music

We have carefully examined 3 ways for you to tackle copyright free music issues which are very safe and also offer a lot of music.

Free Legal Sites

There are numerous online music stores or websites that allow you to listen to and download instructional video background music for free. The important part is that their music is obtained legally. They also offer a great variety of music, from classical to modern pop tracks. Besides, you can find the latest singles of the most famous artists worldwide. There are also full albums with pretty good quality. Most of them do charge you for the best quality music, though, but it’s a reasonable thing to do. These online music websites frequently offer sales on holidays or to promote something. If you are quick to seize the opportunities, you can get the best music quality at a very low price or even free of charge. You have probably heard about Amazon and Google Play Music so we’d like to suggest some other great websites.


This is a hugely popular store, and you can find almost anything you need to make your online learning sessions more fun. There are the latest songs, albums editor choices and radio channels. Also, you can stream and download music here for free legally because the music is distributed via the Creative Commons license. It means that the music creators want to share their art for everyone. There are free apps from Jamendo for Windows, Android and iOS.


Besides being able to download a wide range of free music legally, you can also show some appreciation to the artists on NoiseTrade by tipping them or promoting their music. NoiseTrade requires you to register your email address as well as your zip code if you wish to download an album. You can download the album in the form of a ZIP file. There are also thousands of free eBooks and audiobooks from authors who’d like to show you their work and create an audience. It’s why NoiseTrade is very popular among art creators and consumers. They also have a blog section where you can find amazing content to serve your teaching and learning.

Free Music Archive

At Free Music Archive, you don’t even need an account to enjoy and download great music. The music here is made available via the public domain license and also Creative Commons. There is the “Music for Video” section under the “Curators” tab which is great for instructional video background music. Actually, under the same “Curators” tab you can find tons of amazing free music that is unlike anything else. There is also the “Spoken” section under the “Genres” tab where you can get spoken poems to teach English.


This is another popular platform for creators and consumers as they can promote their work and interact with their audiences. The “Featured” section has unique content that you can use to vary your lessons. You can easily find music by browsing through the tabs. Furthermore, the interface of this website is very user-friendly. They also have the latest music news in the form of audio, video and interview. You don’t have to sign up to download free music. But you need an account to find important information on the page’s dashboard.

Internet Archive

This is one of the top non-profit, independent websites dedicated to keeping music and books free for everyone forever. At first, you may find the interface quite confusing. However, after some minutes learning to navigate through the website, you’ll see that they have a huge collection of all kinds of music you can think of. Besides, the materials are available in over 300 languages, including Arabic, Turkish, Persian and many other minority languages you’ve never heard of. There is the “Topics and subjects” tab on the left of the Audio archive where you can find thousands of audios related to your lessons.


It is easier to navigate through this website than Internet Archive, but the materials are less diverse. And they don’t offer music in many languages. Soundclick is, nevertheless, worth a visit for those who want to find unique music besides the mainstream pop tracks. In addition to a variety of music genres, you can find talks, stories, etc. available in high-quality audio. The topics of these talks are not well arranged and not as diverse as those in Internet Archive, though.


If you are looking for a site that has a lot of beats or non-vocal background music, ccMixter is the place to go. This website offers the latest music for free and also unique creations for background music. Check the section “Music for games, projects, etc.” and you will find amazing content to embed into your lessons.

Mixtape Websites

These online music websites have songs that are the remix versions of popular songs or less popular ones. Mixtape artists are usually DJs who remix their own songs or songs from other creators. They do this legally because remixing is a creative form. Some songs on mixtape websites are available free, but others are free for only a certain period. These websites are popular because they offer unique music that the young prefer. If you are a teacher of young and wild students, you should get to know them better by sharing mixtapes. The most popular mixtape website now is Datpiff. The website hosts mainly urban, hip-hop and rap tracks. You don’t have to sign up to stream or download music, but there are exceptions. There are blogs here, but there are no podcasts or other kinds of audios. It’s easy to navigate through this site. You can browse using the search bar. If you are new to mixtapes or the music genres here, look at user recommendations or favorites.

Music Blogs

There are many online music blogs that specialize in music news and offer good free music at the same time. There have been incidences where people can listen to albums before they are released. But doing this may seriously violate copyright laws. So, just use the free music offered on the websites. You can also find numerous blogs specializing in a particular music genre. Within music blog websites, there are forums where members share an incredible variety of music, some of them are perfect for video background. As you listen and download songs on music blogs, beware advertisements that can redirect you to virus content.

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