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Ultimate Guide to Create an Awesome Educational Animation for Online Courses

A step-by-step free eBook for eLearning developers to produce their own animated learning videos. We would guide you through how to choose the proper style of animations, which elements affect the quality of your videos the most, and what to do if you have absolutely no skills in designing or animating.

Animation quality: Quick guide to evaluate good animated learning videos

It is not easy to tell the quality of different animations, especially if you are not some insider in the animation industry but an absolutely clueless instructional designer or educator. In this eBook, we would guide you through 4 common types of 2D animations in the eLearning industry and how to tell the quality of different animations.

Understanding Why and How: Create Engaging and Fun Online Learning Experiences

This ebook is created to help you deal with one of the most common and visible pains when growing and upgrading your eLearning courses: Build up and maintain the course attendees’ initial interest and eager in online learning through creating engaging and fun learning experiences.


Combine Talking-head Videos and Animated Videos for Better Learning Outcomes

Geoff Lawton used animations as supplemental materials for his course. The idea was to use talking-head videos with additional animated videos for better students’ understanding. Geoff also used his own voice to narrate the animations. This method kept all of the videos consistent.