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6 awesome examples of effective health and safety training videos

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In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, most companies shift to online working as a solution. Besides professional sessions on expertises, corporates also take health and safety training videos as crucial focuses. The challenge here is that virtual delivery has many differences from traditional methods. So how can employers make training effective, motivate workers to apply the lessons into real life, especially their jobs? But don’t worry, here are some successful examples to take as inspirations and guidance. Let’s jump right in!


HealthyTogetherVic | Health Training in the Workplace


Do you know what? An individual’s health tremendously impacts that person’s work productivity! Although this fact is widely known, many employers seem to forget it. There are so many health and safety training in the workplace videos out there on the internet, but only a few promote healthy lifestyles and practices for workers. HealthyTogetherVic was very successful with the YouTube views of more than 50,000. What are their attractive key points?

  • Statistics: throughout the video are the appearances of statistics on banners, billboards, and posters. Statistics are trustworthy and reliable, hence they work really well in raising people’s awareness.
  • Animation style: basic theme, neither too bright nor too neutral color. They were purposefully chosen for public audiences.
  • Damage: not only negative impacts on individuals are shown but also companies. Employers should pay attention to the health of employees for a better company’s result.


F.Learning Studio | Mental Health Training in COVID-19


Starting with a screaming scene, how clever it is! Only 3 first seconds are enough to understand the context this video takes place: COVID-19 pandemic. 2020 has been chaotic with detrimental harms on everyone’s life and has caused anxiety for a huge number of people. Many reasons for mental illness were listed in the mental health illness training video, such as isolation, overwhelming in negative news, etc. However, pessimist feelings should not be rejected but used as an alert state to protect ourselves. Thus, colorful animation and cute advice at the end make the video much less gloomy but somehow showing hopeful attitudes towards the globally social distancing.

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MYCGCC | Office Safety Training


Despite the short length, this health and safety training in the workplace video is very clear in communication and straightforward. No excessive details, no hidden “easter eggs”, they are made perfectly for office workers – the target audience. They are very busy and have to keep up with so many tasks in mind, so a simple, uncomplicated office safety video is what fits best. Illustrations made lucid, smooth transitions combined with nice music, there is no reason to reject an interesting safety training video like that. One small thing to notice at the end is the list of the 10 mentioned steps. This list is like a summary that provides a clearer picture; moreover, viewers can also take a screenshot to access the file anytime without watching the entire video easily. 


Intelycare | Fire Safety Training in the Workplace


Fire in a hospital, if it happens, will seriously damage a lot of people, especially the patients. Therefore, nurses should be fully equipped for the worst case. Nonetheless, simulation of hospital fire is very costly and complicated, frankly impossible. Safety animation is a common solution with visualization, comprehensive explanations, and instructions. For example, the health training in the workplace video below done for Intelycare succeeded in making use of all the advantages of animation. Delightful illustrations, memorable directions will surely imprint in nurses’ heads and guide them through the emergencies.


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Cambridge International Assessment Education | Science Lab Safety Training


Created for the University of Cambridge, the science lab safety video directly aims at educating science students on safe practices in laboratories. They divide the content into 4 main points and steadily instruct learners to follow the preparations and implementations. The guidance is carefully crafted with explicit information. However, the music in the background is distractive and loud, so sometimes it’s hard to focus on the voice-over. 


University of New South Wales | Sexual Harassment and Bullying


Students usually find it hard to read and remember the Code of Conduct. UNSW Sydney, in collaboration with F.Learning Studio, found a way to solve this by applying animation into this mental safety training video. Following the Code of Conduct, sexual harassment and bullying are highlighted as a critical issue. Description, instances, and penalties are also mentioned. In this mental health illness training video, animation plays an important role in delivery knowledge. It helps communicate the problem in a more positive sense while maintaining seriousness. Talking-head or live-action health and safety training videos can’t perform as well as animation in this field since they require deliberate and professional acting skills to avoid misunderstanding from facial expressions, voice, and so on. People from different races with traditional costumes, representing cultural diversity at UNSW, are animated skillfully.



From big corporates to small companies, online health and safety training videos can work well in any circumstance. To improve the effectiveness, you have to work out which suits best, and step-by-step begin on learning how to create online training videos. Here are some blog posts from us to help you get started:


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