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Intelycare Case Study: How Animation Helps Your Business Scale With Intensive Employee Training Video?

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There are several burning questions circling the topic of incorporating animation into corporate training services. Though most business owners are aware of the potential of animation, they still cannot help but wonder if it could have any visible impact on their operations. Then comes the financial side of the story: how much should they invest, and what they can expect to get back? In this article, we will tackle all of your questions via the story of our real client, Intelycare. It’s a company that, by adopting animation to its employee training video, not only thrives but also finds the opportunity to scale up its corporation.

About Intelycare

Intelycare is a US-based company that sets out to end the open-and-last-minutes nurse shortage using state-of-the-art matching technology. Seeing the trend as well as the rising demand of the market, Intelycare seeks to better its Employee Training Video by digitizing its lectures for new nurses. What sets its products apart from other variations of eLearning is the addition of animation. Intelycare introduced an in-app nurse’s training program that both provides training services and facilitates HR’s issues of hospitals.

elearning-in-nursing-education-intelycareSo, we will break down Intelycare’s success to show you exactly how animation could help your business to scale.


What Does a Business Need to Scale?


“Scale” is a concept that may appear similar to growth, but it not quite so. As you can see, a company grows when it adds new resources, like capital, human power, or technology, and increases its revenue. In contrast, business scales when its revenue increases without any substantial addition of available resources. That’s why modern companies are so obsessed with the idea of scaling. They use all resources to their full potentials in order to generate the most profits. That’s the dream!

To scale, a business requires capital, human power, or technology, with human power being the core resource. It sits at the front and center of the equation. That’s why business owners are willing to go to great lengths to improve their employees’ competence. Yet, there is a major concern. They have to find a way to enhance staff’s knowledge and skills in their tiny amount of spare time. That’s an even bigger concern for businesses providing staff training services. Customers will demand high-quality courses, that are compact and digestible in minutes. So, how do you go about it? A captivating Animated Training Video may just be the way you’re looking for!

In the Case of Intelycare

Intelycare works in the fiercely competitive field of nurse training services. It requires the company to employ constant renovations to ensure quality while outperforming others in the market. Not to mention the global COVID-19 pandemic, which once more stresses the situation by sky-rocketing the market’s demands for nurses and healthcare staff. But that is not the end of the story. Hospitals and institutions of the healthcare network also find themselves in demand for a specialized course to independently train nurses. Quick and yet effective training methods are more urgent than ever before to ensure the quality of the services. At the same time, it is an opportunity for Intelycare to scale up its business. Yet, everything points to the same start: designing an excellent nurse training course.


Intelycare’s Concerns in Designing Online Courses

If you have experienced course design yourself, you may already know how much thought and effort it requires. Working in a fiercely competitive and specialized industry, the pain is even more for Intelycare. Here we have 4 of the company’s major concerns in designing its Online Training Courses as well as its Employee Training Methods.


Capital has always been among the utmost concerns of any business. Intelycare was no exception. Like other companies, they seek to save financial resources, which is a luxury in the times of COVID-19. Designing an online course with an animation may get costly. So, in the shoes of Intelycare founders, they have to consider whether the company should make this subsidiary investment. How an increase in resources can be converted into an increase in proficiency and, eventually, profit is always a burning question.



Nurse training is intensive and specialized expertise, which may be dull and dry. Therefore, Intelycare has gone through three options that they had in hand. Number one, talking head videos. It’s the conventional method that costs a bare minimum but falls off in delivery. Then comes the live-action option, an interesting way to convey knowledge. However, it will get pricey in the long run. That leaves them with the third option, animation. Though the initial costs may be staggering, the benefits of animation last. On top of that, Intelycare has all the tools they need to customize and build the illustration around their nurse training content.

Abstract and Intensive Knowledge 

Healthcare is a complicated and challenging field of expertise. It requires intensive learning of theories and concepts, followed by hours of training and practicing. Not to mention a plethora of medical terminologies, equipment, and procedures that learners must master. Those who work and study at the same time could not afford the luxury of spending hours of their precious time grinding through the books. What Intelycare needs is a simplified and yet accurate illustration of the notorious abstract knowledge. That is the only way to ensure quality while shorting the training duration.


Employee Training Video Lacks Engagement

Most available training programs employ talking-head or live-action videos to deliver knowledge in a very dull and somewhat boring manner. It’s not different from the conventional Classroom-Based Training Programs, where lecturers talk monotonously for hours on ends. We’re sure that many of you have the experience. Audiences may find the lessons bland, perhaps boring, and eventually, drop the courses. The majority of Intelycare’s learners are workers who study the trade of nursing in their little free time. What the company needs is a captivating way to make every lecture counts. It has to be on-point; hence, talking-head videos aren’t the obvious option.

Challenge of Diversity

Diversity is also something that has to be taken into account. Since everybody is different, it’s simply impossible to apply the same employee training video for all. This is another major setback of traditional online talking-head videos. They do not provide the flexibility to cater to a variety of audiences. Therefore, Intelycare seeks a versatile means of delivery, something everyone can enjoy.


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How F.Studio’s Cost-Effective Employee Training Video Helps Solve Intelycare’s Concerns

Simple Yet Accurate Demonstration of Abstract Knowledge

Understanding Intelycare’s quests and challenges, F.Studio produced an Animated Training Video to help simplify complicated concepts by both lecturings and animating. It’s our illustration that makes all the difference. Here at F.Studio, we value your requests and ideas. That’s why we emphasize the pre-production stage. Everything starts with a quick consultation call to perceive your perspective, vision, and more. In the case of Intelycare, the company aims at courses for nurses with little free time who are not proficient in technology. That’s why we decided to go for a simple yet accurate illustration of abstract concepts and theories to help them understand in optimized duration. 

Simple Structure to Boost Knowledge Apprehension

From the drafted pre-production guidelines, we begin to build the structure of the course with the corresponding type of motion graphics. To boost accessibility while shortening the training process for Intelycare’s nurses, F.Studio opted for a clear and easy-to-follow structure. We organize relevant lectures into sessions, illustrated by animation to get a flawless Employee Training Video. Then each session is followed by quizzes to summarize and trigger long-term memory. That’s how we managed to maintain the quality of the courses in such a limited amount of available time. 

Immersive Animation Design to Engage Learners

F.Studio is not all about ideas and structure. We also stress the importance of delivery. Great content has to go along with a great presentation. We strive to create the best design by incorporating multiple media elements into the lesson, including Illustration, Voiceover, and Animation. For Intelycare, we picked a clear and relatable theme for nurses. The art style stays cohesive throughout the courses to bring a familiar touch. By using animation, we help nurses to trigger their visual memory and break the lessons down into digestible bits to keep them. Now that’s what we called a fun way to learn!



There’s a stereotype in the industry that says animation costs a fortune. It’s not entirely true. While the animation is indeed a subsidiary investment, it may not be as costly as the general idea goes. Since animation is still a new concept for Intelycare, they find it challenging to decide how much of an investment to make for an animated Online Training video. However, they are indeed not satisfied with the self-generated product of repetitive templates and unrelated motions. So, Intelycare shook hands with F.Studio to incorporate animation into their courses at a reasonable price point. With our team of experts, we have created a successful animation training video while keeping the cost down thanks to the mutual support from our partners.


What Did Intelycare Get?

Here are the heart-warming results of Intelycare’s Animated Training Video that we would love to share with you:

  • Create a compact, immersive training course that helps more nurses engage in the process.
  • Break down challenging abstract theories and concepts into digestible bits.
  • Approach hospitals and healthcare institutions in demand for specialized nurses training courses.
  • Expand and scale up their businesses at a marginal cost.


That’s the story of how an animated employee training video transformed the business scale of Intelycare. Here at F.Studio, we firmly believe that animation is the key to the future of education and training. When done right, it could deliver just about any form of ambiguous knowledge in such an exciting and enjoyable way.


Keeping your learners on track will always yield much better results. A brilliant course can not only improve your services but also scales them up with a rainbow of opportunities. So, if you’re seeking the same goal for your business, book a consultation call right now and let us help you bring your values to the world!

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