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eLearning in Nursing Education: what to learn from successful example

Oct 24, 2020Blog, e-learning, educational animations, eLearning tips, healthcare and medical animation0 comments

Have you ever wonder why Coursera gains so much success with their online courses?

Or Hubspot Academy, how could they always produce courses that are welcomed by million learners?

How could your course be one of the successes like theirs? To apply eLearning in nursing education successfully, the key here might be looking at an effective eLearning example to learn from them. This article will bring to you an in-depth look into one outstanding example of eLearning in nursing education, Intelycare. Let’s find out what made up their success, and how to strategically apply to your course


Intelycare: who are they?


elearning-in-nursing-educationIntelyCare is an US-based nurse staffing service that sets out to help end open-and-last-minutes nurse shortage through smart matching technology. 

Catching the trend and the need of the market, InterlyCare aims to better its service by providing a training service across mobile devices for new nurses. The point is IntelyCare found a way to make this training differentiates from others available example of eLearning. Specifically, they succeeded in delivering a valuable addition to their products that meet their customers. And here the product is! An in-app nurse’s training program that provides training services and facilitates HR’s issues of hospitals. 

So how did this online training course gain such success? Let’s dip into the next part and find the answer.


An effective eLearning course comes up with

1. An on-demand idea

An idea is on demand when its eLearning course provides content that students need. It could be the knowledge that helps them solve the problems they are dealing with. It also might relate to the demand rising in your industry.

In the case of IntelyCare, they soon realized that nurses’ training service has proved to not be entirely satisfying for learners to download their app. Thus, to increase the effectiveness of their eLearning course, they need an additional value. After researching on several apps of eLearning in the nursing education field, IntelyCare found their missing piece. What they need is an advance feature for their app. And it’s welcomed by the customers and gained success!


Where did the idea arise?examples-of-eLearning-in-nursing-training

    1. Realizing the industry’s need: It’s a problem of staff’s training and qualification in hospitals
    2. Understanding customer’s problems: Today, hospitals’ need in hiring qualified staff is urgent. Also, there is a need for standardized training prior to the job.
    3. Integrating everything in one place (All-in-One service): Everything is united in one in-app nurse’s training program. Basically, the additional idea allows nurses to book shifts and complete required training. This, in return, lets the hospitals could see all the qualified nurses who are ready to take on the job. And IntelyCare’s job is make all of these information easy to understand and take away.


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2. Clear structure and navigation

A great idea is only work when put into practice. However, transforming this great idea into a reality requires an understanding of who you’re trying to provide the service. About IntelyCare’s case, their learners are nurses who don’t have much free time to learn and maybe aren’t tech-savvy as well. Therefore, knowing the lack of commitment that can occur in online learning, the course tries to provide the easiest accessibility by offering a clearly structured interface with courses organized into relevant sessions. Each session is presented clearly right on the front page for the app.


Allow learners to actively pull the content

examples-of-eLearning-in-nursing-trainingDifferent from others, with IntelyCare app, students have a choice to enhance their learning experience by various learning approaches. The learners could walk through each course, step by step. During the learning time, many educational animated training videos are provided for them.

Moreover, after each session, short quizzes are ready for learners to re-check what they’ve learned. These things make it easier for learners to complete a course and motivate them to take more knowledge in their own convenience.


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3. Immersive design

Besides great idea and pull structure, an effective eLearning course usually goes along with “a good look’.  In creating engaging looks, the theme of the course was chosen to be clear, simple but familiar to the nurses. The main colors used are blue, green and white which bring a friendly look for a healthcare training course and also express the branding color. Also, the flat design contributes exposing a smart look for the course that stimulates the users. 


A scene in an animated video that F. learning Studio created for IntelyCare’s training course. 

The simple but cohesive style was used throughout the whole course for all quizzes, sessions and training videos. This consistency not only avoids the course from disorganization but also massively enhance its brand images. 


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Animation is a plus!

In order to advance the design as well as simplify the content, IntelyCare course adopted animation as the mean of visual stimulation throughout the course. For each subject within the training program, each key topic is explained and put into a short 2D animated video. These visualizations are perfect to deliver the content in an interesting but professional manner while keeping the accuracy of the information. Take a look at this example to see how animation benefits nurse training.

To be more specific, the animation added helps bring a new, fun but informative vibe for the lesson. Instead of showing a huge content, the animated video clears the course’s look just by a ‘click’. Likewise, the characters with friendly design also support to reduce the seriousness of the content. 

From Intelycare’s view, these animated videos are an important factor to stand out their app from competitors. Specifically, they looked for other eLearning apps example for nurses, but not everyone contains animation. Although animation is one of the leading trends in the eLearning industry right now. Catching the trend and making it better by investing in tailor-made 2D animation instead of traditional whiteboard animation. That’s how IntelyCare did and succeed!

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And there you have it: a slice of what brilliant online course look like and how did they get where they are. Now it’s your time to apply to your course. If you want to  see more example of eLearning in nursing education, spend a few minutes with this article below!


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