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4 eLearning Storyboard Templates To Make Great Education Animation

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Are you hesitant when choosing amongst various animation storyboard templates for your eLearning videos? 

Are you unsure of how to make use of a storyboard for the best outcome? 

Or are you in need of a template aesthetic enough to make you stand out in front of a client?  

If you encounter the problems above, you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to solve the problems mentioned above and get you assess to the templates that we use in making animated videos. 


What is an eLearning Storyboard Template?

If you are an instructional designer, you must be familiar with the term storyboard. A storyboard for eLearning purposes breaks down eLearning video’s contents into individual frames. It consists of camera angles, conversation, and other details scene-by-scene.


Why is Storyboard for eLearning important?

In short, the storyboard illustrates your script and gives you an overview of how your video is gonna look like. Using the storyboard, you can make instant adjustments to any inaccuracy. Once you get to the animation making part, changes in the storyline can lead to a lot of improvisations, and sometimes it may lead to the re-creation of the video. Thus, storyboarding eases the production process and helps avoid mistakes that would cost you plenty of time to revise and fix. 


7 rules for creating a great eLearning storyboard template

Making a sequence of images is simple, but the core of a storyboard is to communicate your idea effectively and minimize possible flaws when editing. If you ain’t sure how to create and utilize a storyboard template, there are some key rules to follow:


Prepare for the storyboarding 

Know the must-have items: There are 2 fundamental elements in a storyboard: a set of frames and their description. While each frame shows a particular scene in the animation, the description is where you note down details like camera angles, sound effects, etc…

Choose the suitable working platform: You can either draw the storyboard by hands or with the help of software, depending on the level of detail you want. Or you can download our pre-made free templates in the following part.


Create a story

Establish a timeline: A storyboard should include where the story will take place, orders of events, and movements within the videos. It would help you control the flow of the video, especially if your video includes flashbacks, shifting perspectives or flash-forwards, or multiple timelines.

Prioritize scenes: Generally, when you demonstrate your lesson in a story, there will be key developmental moments and changing events. It is recommended to highlight the panels containing these scenes to have a clearer view of how your story goes. 


Come up with a proper design

Pay attention to the aspect ratio: The size of each frame in the storyboard should follow the same aspect ratio as you expect from the finished video. 

Include significant information: Storyboard is only a rough drawing, but there are certain things that should be displayed in the frames, and this includes: 

  • The background, the color palette, and angles of the camera
  • The types of shots (close-up, master shots, medium, etc) 
  • The properties, and actors 
  • Special effects

Also, in the description, write down the length of each shot so as to control timing.

Consider hiring a storyboard artist: If you are not confident with demonstrating the storyboard, especially in a project that involves many stakeholders, don’t hesitate to hire an artist. Remember to give him/her detailed descriptions so you can ensure the outcome is as expected.

Read the guide to make a storyboard for the educational video

>> 4 simple steps to create an AWESOME storyboard for animated educational video




Now that you have all the information needed on how to use a storyboard template for an educational video, it’s time to apply it in practice. 

From our own experience, F.Learning Studio presents the top 5 storyboard templates that are most suitable for educational purposes, all free downloads, of course. We believe that with the templates, you can demonstrate your ideas more effectively and create the best animated videos.


eLearning Storyboard templates 1


elearning storyboard template



eLearning Storyboard templates 2

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elearning storyboard template



eLearning Storyboard templates 3

elearning storyboard template


eLearning Storyboard templates 4

elearning storyboard template



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