How To Write Learning Objectives For Online Courses Effectively

Teachers and curriculum developers are well aware of the importance of learning objectives. These are crucial in determining the direction in which students develop. Knowing how to write learning objectives is always a relevant skill for a career in education.

Visual Aids for Learning: Why They Matter?

There is the fact that most instructional designers have not been trained in visual design. However, we need it in various eLearning materials like presentation slides, web portals or videos. Yes, we cannot deny the importance of the content. However, we could achieve amazing results unexpectedly with visual aids for learning.

How To Get Free Instructional Video Background Music

Unique background music is hard to come by unless you know where to look. In this article, we show you the sources of awesome free instructional video background music and discuss copyright issues.

Tips to Create Stunning Animated Infographics for eLearning

If you are launching an online course or you’re simply a dedicated teacher, you need to familiarize yourself with the latest technologies to yield the best results. And animated infographics are one of these new trends, which is proven to attract more traffic to your learning website and boost your students’ performance.

Video-Based Learning Benefits And Tips To Make It Great

Video-based learning has become a trend in e-learning for a decade. Not only students but teachers also love it because of the interest and comprehensiveness it brings.

A Guide to Successful Evaluation of Online Learning Materials

Evaluation helps us measure the effectiveness of a method, find the problems then fix them. In education, evaluation is critical to measuring the success of a teaching system or method. In this article, we show you 9 salient aspects that need attention in the evaluation of learning materials, especially online materials.