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7 Tips for Outstanding Visual Communication in eLearning

Nowadays, students love learning via videos and photos. That’s said, the power of visuals is undeniable, especially when it comes to designing e-learning courses. But visual communication in e-learning is not just about making something illustrative and attractive,...

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How to be an Effective Online Instructor

Personally, I think the success of an online course is thanks to both the well-designed content and the instructors! Yes, there are lots of eLearning courses out there that include presentation slides without the presence of the lecturers. However, I could not bring...

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Visual Aids for Learning: Why They Matter?

There is the fact that most instructional designers have not been trained in visual design. However, we need it in various eLearning materials like presentation slides, web portals or videos. Yes, we cannot deny the importance of the content. However, we could achieve...

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The Application of Animations in Medical Education

Animation has been optimized widely in the medical industry with various applications covered in patient education, drug mechanism of action, surgical planning and training, cellular and molecular studies and more. With the emergence of the newer generation of...

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Video-Based Learning Benefits And Tips To Make It Great

The days when learners had to struggle with an endless parade of textbooks and slides have gone. Now people have more effective and engaging methods through which they can acquire more knowledge while spending less time and effort. Video-based learning is one of these...

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