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Developing Animations for Education: Where to start?

  Communication is one of the critical factors leading to the success of the work, whether it is the instructional design of your course or the collaboration between you and your partners. Lots of my clients are confusing in how to create appropriate animations...

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How to Make Animated Educational Videos for Online Courses

Animation is an effective tool for better experiences in online learning. The animation is not something that "nice to have". It could help you gain better student satisfaction, completion rates and more. However, producing educational animations is lots of work. If...

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Simple Tips To Create Quality E-learning Video Lecture

What are the first images that come to mind when you think of e-learning video lecture? One man or woman, standing still in front of a camera, explaining different concepts and ideas in a monotone voice? Does that sound boring to you? If the answer is a resounding...

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Ultimate guide to create
Awesome Educational Animation
for Online Courses

A 33-page eBook Guide:

- Choose the right style

- Create animations for educational purposes

- What to do if you don't have design or animation skills




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