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Tips To Make Corporate Training Videos Interesting

  Content marketing is getting to its next phase with video presentations as numerous companies are teaching their employees with the use of corporate training videos. However, as many employees see corporate training videos as one of the awful work obligations,...

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Pros and Cons of Animated Educational Videos in eLearning

So are you considering adding animated educational videos in your courses?Animations, if done right, could bring great advantages to your online training. They excel in presenting complex or abstract concepts of the subjects. Their visual powers also help educators...

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Tips to Get Started with Multi-Device eLearning

Multi-device eLearning has become a worldwide teaching method employed by instructors of all educational subjects. This is thanks to its extreme convenience which can be accessed via a smart device anywhere, as long as there is an Internet connection. Various useful...

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3 Educational Animation Examples for Online Courses

  There are various types of animations. We got 2D animations, 3D animations, motion-graphic animations, traditional hand-drawn animations, stop-motion animations and more. Regarding their function for educational purposes, there are 3 types of animations in...

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How to Measure Student Engagement in eLearning

For students to achieve effective learning, their presence in class on a regular basis is crucial. For eLearning, higher frequency of students’ involvement in the class means more convenient for the lecturer to measure their engagement.Below we’re going to reveal you...

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Ultimate guide to create
Awesome Educational Animation
for Online Courses

A 33-page eBook Guide:

- Choose the right style

- Create animations for educational purposes

- What to do if you don't have design or animation skills



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