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The power of visual in teaching and learning

  As an animation production videos for education, we strongly believe in the power of visual in teaching and learning. But this is not a simple gut belief, we have facts, figures and experiences to fully back it up. Therefore, in this article, we would like to...

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Do you know how do primary students learn

  Student-focused teaching, centralizing in understand the students, is now growing so much in popularity. It is not only because it meets the need of the parents but also solves many problems in teaching, especially in primary level (Some of which we have...

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Common problems in teaching primary school

What are the problems in teaching primary school nowadays? How can we understand them better? A teacher in the modern world is no longer just ‘a person who teaches'. As the world develops, more and more are expected from our educators. And with this expectation come...

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Innovative teaching methods for in-class learning

  Every teacher has to face a same challenge. And it is to find an effective teaching method. If eLearning is famous for MOOCs or instructional videos, then in-class learning keeps in hand a secret ace, that is innovative teaching methods. The innovative teaching...

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What is behind high-quality animation?

The success of an online course is often gauged in 3 things: course design, learning outcomes, and the brand’s awareness. Nowadays, educational animation is the first choice for those who are looking for a solution to create effective online learning courses. However,...

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Ultimate guide to create
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A 33-page eBook Guide:

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