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How will eLearning shape the future of education?

  Nowadays, when talking about education, it’s hard not to mention “eLearning”. To be more specific, eLearning is learning conducted through electronic technologies, typically delivered on the Internet, like courses or training programs online. You may also...

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Top latest trends of educational technology in 2019

  Are you intending to dive into the ocean of educational technology (EdTech)?Do you want to get the latest trends in innovative teaching methods?Congrats you are in the right place! This is where you can get yourself up to date to the dramatic change of EdTech....

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How can animation transform learning in the classroom?

  Educational animation has been known for a while as a supportive tool in teaching. Maybe it’s not your first time hearing about using animation at school but do you know does animation actually works? In other words, have you gotten a clue about how it can...

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Animations in primary education: how does it work

The term “blended learning” has gained much attention in recent years as particular forms of teaching with technology. As a result, teachers nowadays are increasingly using media and visual aids to integrate with traditional learning. Among various visual learning...

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Evaluation time: Is the visual aid working for you?

Have you ever spent times to evaluate your students after adding something new in the class? Could you find anything positive or negative? It’s believed that evaluation is the most critical step when applying any new teaching aids. And yes, it’s necessary...

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How to design visuals aids for teaching purpose

Have you always been a fan of using visual materials in the classroom but don’t know where to start? You have come to the right place.  In this article, we would like to introduce the key steps in designing the right visual contents. If you are already feeling...

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Concerns about using visual aids in education

  While firmly believing in the power of visual aid in education, we are aware of the concerns educators might have in using a visual aid in the classroom. We aim to explain these concerns by dissecting some potential concerns about using visual aids in...

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