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4 Tips to Get Students Attention in Online Learning

In a traditional classroom, there are various methods to get students attention. Teachers could say something unexpected to catch students off guard or even raise their voice for respect. However, this is not the case in eLearning. Attracting students’ attention in...

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Why online student motivation is important?

Online student motivation plays a vital role in students’ enrollment, engagement and learning outcomes. Motivating students, however, is a challenge that teachers have to face every day. This is even more challenging for educators that are launching self-paced online...

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Use animation to enhance online learning experiences

Is educational animation used just to improve the professional look of a course?Obviously, if done right, animations could bring a fresh and dynamic vibe to the online learning, even the most complicated and academic courses.However, the advantages of animation are...

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Why online learning should be fun?

It is not overstated that fun plays a vital role in online student’s enrollment, engagement and learning outcomes. Many underestimate the potential of fun or consider it not appropriate for educational purposes. However, fun is not about letting students play around....

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How to improve completion rates for online courses?

Despite the steady 10% growth in enrollment rates of online courses every year, there is still a rising concern of surprisingly low completion rates. According to an analysis of 61 courses from Coursera, the average completion rate was just over 6%. The rates do not...

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3 Reasons Behind Low Completion Rates of Online Courses

Completion rates for online courses become a major concern when 40-80% online learners just give up the courses with unsatisfied e-learning experiences. Despite this fact, the potential of technology in education is so great that there is a steady rise in number of...

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Educational Videos: Animation or Live action?

The development of MOOCs results in the rising number of educational videos. Animation and live-action, either have great advantages in bringing new entertaining experiences to learners and providing them the so-called freely revision ability. Both are good but the...

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