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6 tips to create effective video-based learning

Do you know that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text? Illustration has always been a crucial factor for a successful learning. Because learners process information more quickly and...

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My Personal Experience with Animation to Make Learning Fun

I remember my childhood of being a kid, who loved to go to school and learn new things. And now I look around just to see kids today suffering a lot with their study. A question arose in my mind: “Since why has the school become such a hell?” My answer is simple, just...

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6 Tips to Enhance Instructor Presence in Online Learning

Full control of the time and place of study is both the advantage and drawback of eLearning. Offering students more freedom could also raise their study attitude and self-motivation. However, the lack of human interaction, especially instructor presence in online...

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Best types of animation for your online courses

Animation is a powerful teaching material for online courses. However, using a random animated video doesn't work. Poorly integrated sounds and animations could bring as a huge negative effect as the positive one created by videos with well-integrated features....

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4 Tips to Get Students Attention in Online Learning

In a traditional classroom, there are various methods to get students attention. Teachers could say something unexpected to catch students off guard or even raise their voice for respect. However, this is not the case in eLearning. Attracting students’ attention in...

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Why online student motivation is important?

Online student motivation plays a vital role in students’ enrollment, engagement and learning outcomes. Motivating students, however, is a challenge that teachers have to face every day. This is even more challenging for educators that are launching self-paced online...

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Ultimate guide to create
Awesome Educational Animation
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A 33-page eBook Guide:

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