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How NOT to make an educational animation a DISTRACTION in eLearning

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Animation doesn’t work in the eLearning course but you can’t find the reason?

Sometimes, the problem is not the animation itself. The educational animation mentioned here is not flying bullets or other special effects in your eLearning presentations. We should cosider animated videos  as visual supporting tools for your teaching materials.

For anyone who needs to best use animation for eLearning: This checklist will help you to find FACTORS CAUSE DISTRACTION in animation for eLearning and how to fix them.

Part 1: Why does your animation cause distraction

Part 2: Checklist to avoid animated distraction in eLearning

  • Before using animation
  • During the animation making process

               √ Animation style

               √ Animation video duration

               √ Audiovisual

  • The best recommendations for applying animation in eLearning