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Apply whiteboard explainer video to improve patient education

Applying whiteboard explainer video in healthcare and medical training is trending nowadays. In fact, whiteboard animation is a great medium to explain complicated concepts of medical training with a new visually appealing. Therefore, this article will bring to you a real case study of enhancing patient training by whiteboard explainer videos from iCareBetter. 


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About iCareBetter:

iCareBetter is a technology company that mostly provides services for hospitals and doctors. Their main focus is to help doctors better educate their patients about particular health problems. 

Throughout many years working in this field, iCareBetter finds out that patients often can’t get enough information from doctors and tend to search the internet for more. But, most of the results received are too complicated to understand for general audiences who have little or no health literacy. For that reason, iCareBetter aims to create an all-in-one innovative solution that can help both patients and doctors in medical training. Then, they decide to create a medical app in which most of the content is presented by whiteboard explainer videos.


Advantages of applying whiteboard animated explainer videos in medical education


Narrow the gap between patients and doctors

The whiteboard explainer video is a big helper in simplifying complex medical knowledge into a basic concept. Thanks to visualization and storytelling techniques, animation can help medical information become friendly and easy to comprehend, even for people with a common understanding. In other words, animation help the doctor explain the information in patient’s language to make it more digestible.

Let’s take an example. Normally, it’s hard to understand and learn how the body works without seeing it. However, when being explained with visualization, patients can see the unseen organs and inner body parts such as the heart, liver and so on. At the same time, through storytelling, patients can also easily observe how the body works and what happens with humans when they catch a disease in real life.


Save time for both doctors and patients

Undeniably, patients often forget what the doctors said and noticed them. That’s where whiteboard explainer videos can help! Whiteboard animation with short, simple and catchy simple can help people easily understand and remember medical knowledge. Furthermore, it is more convenient for patients to access and replay important information many times whenever they want.

On the other hand, the whiteboard explainer video can save a lot of time for doctors. Instead of explaining many times for a huge number of patients who get the same disease, doctors now just need an animated video that tells details about the disease. And let the animation takes care of the rest!


Best budget-friendly explainer animation

The whiteboard explainer video has a simple visual, simple design, simple color so obviously, it’s much cheaper than other animation types such as 2D motion graphic animation or interactive 3D videos. However, it’s simple but good enough to explain complex medical concepts. To be more specific, it can still keep the seriousness of medical situations. When people could see the consequences of getting a particular disease, they will preserve their health better. With high educational value, learners can be aware of preventing and protecting themselves from different diseases by watching medical animated videos.

Since whiteboard animation is an easy making type, there are many websites and companies provide free tools for self-creating. Then, the cost is likely to be low or even free. However, the quality comes with the cost. Therefore, you need to reconsider doing it yourself or coming to a professional.


How to apply whiteboard explainer video to improve patients education

1. Understand and transfer the medical knowledge into animation script correctly

As iCareBetter has in-field knowledge and experiences in the medical industry, it’s not difficult for them to write a script for an medical online course. Therefore, they took care of creating the script then transferred it to F.Learning Studio to make animation. However, to ensure that the script will be able to be visualized and animated, F. Learning Studio has joined with iCareBetter and gave them some advice, such as:

  • The ideal length for each video should ranges from 1 to 2 minutes (about 150-250 words)
  • Use simple language to describe theoretical medical terms
  • Add some text to highlight the important points throughout the video 
  • Try to tell a story to make the medical concept less serious, more friendly and interesting



2. Come up with storyboard

After having an animation script, it is important to visualize and draw out a storyboard. Indeed, storyboards are how you visualize how actors and backgrounds will fit together in any particular scene or sequence. In the medical education, the more detail the storyboard is, the better people visualize the situations. For example, in the case of heart failure, the storyboard should be able to illustrate not only what happens inside the heart but also outside symtoms. 

‘In medical animation, it is important to truly understand the concept to illustrate it accurately first. Then we could add fun elements later.’, said Anna Nguyen – Storyboard Artist of F.Learning Studio.

So, F. Learning Studio’s production team had to learn details about the structure and the operation of the heart. Particularly, we tried hard to read the script, research and learn more about the human body. So, here is the way we illustrate heart failure in the storyboard.

An example of storyboard for whiteboard animated medical explainer videos


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3. Illustrate human body part in a friendly style

Here is where the magic happens! Undeniably, the real human body and organs could be a little bloody and scary for general audiences. That’s why you need visualization to make it more pleasant and understandable. In this step, illustrators could redraw human parts into accessible and friendly images. However, it is very important to not change the basic functions and characteristics of the original. 

Based on the material of the real medical situations provided by iCareBetter, we try hard to make the illustrate the information in most eye-pleasing appealing but also professional. Here is an example.


example of whiteboard animation for medical training                        


4. Add voice-over and do animation for video

And, the final production step is to add voice-over and animations for the whiteboard explainer video to complete the sequence. Normally, in whiteboard animation, it is important to provide a narrative. Especially, V-O will be a big helper to support visual aids to explain the concepts. While the sound effect could better describe what happens, add emotion and tone for the video. 

About the animation step, to make the characters active and lively, the animator could add some simple facial expressions to portray their feeling and reactions to the pain. Moreover, F.Learning Studio focused on the motion of body parts to show the changing in the body and the transformation of the diseases. As a result, learners can easily see the progress and follow the lesson. 

Here is an example of final whiteboard animation about how the heartbeat and blood circulation work, take a look!



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And, what is the result?


Surprisingly, the final result was impressive! And, with whiteboard explainer video, patients can be able to:

  • Understand more about the health problems
  • Remember what should and shouldn’t do to from doctors
  • Be aware of preventing the diseases

Due to the success, iCareBetter decided to produce a series that provide more information for patients about different health problems. Therefore, you will see many useful and informative medical animations from F.Learning Studio and iCarebetter soon.


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