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Apply Animation into your Corporate Training Videos: A Start-To-Finish Guide

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To provide successful training sessions, Learning & Development (L&D) teams have to cope with numerous difficulties. The teams are fundamental for designing courses to optimize training processes while maintaining the budget. The negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have pushed L&D teams to even more difficult situations. In this situation, other conventional training video types such as talking head or live-action have shown their limitations. This is when animations should be applied to corporate training videos. Companies that want to provide information and knowledge to employees without spending much time should also use training animation.


Why should you choose animation to deliver training?


Applying animation into corporate training videos helps scale up the business. 

Human resources are a vital asset of every company. Corporate training animation facilitates the labor training process and quality more efficiently. Therefore, the whole company’s performance will be boosted up. With this training method, scaling up the company can be easily achieved.


Intelycare works in the fiercely competitive field of nurse training services. To remain in its position, the company must renovate to outperform other rivals. Therefore, staff training must be constantly improved. The learners of Intelycare are non-tech-savvy nurses with a heavy schedule. 


Due to thoroughly understanding the concerns and target audiences, F.Learning studio was able to produce an animated training video that simplified concepts by combining lectures with animation. Our corporate training video for Intelycare has created a compact, immersive training course that helps more nurses engage in the process. The theories and concepts are simplified to fit with the demand for specialized nurses training courses. Intelycare has expanded and scaled up its business at a marginal cost.


Read Intelycare case study for more detail:

>> Intelycare case study: How animation training videos help scale up your business in real life 


corporate training videos


Animated training videos speed up the training process 


As saving time means saving money. Instead of delivering long, boring training courses, the learners can learn via a short simple and fun animation. Lively animated characters with audio effectively sum up key ideas and phrases. Therefore, learners could save time reading through materials and filtering out unnecessary information. The learning speed could also be adjusted based on the learners’ preference. The video can be replayed many times, which saves your company’s resources.


One QBE Insurance Group is in the top 20 general insurance and reinsurance companies. It has more than 14,500 employees from 37 different countries globally. As an international company, One QBE strives to provide consistent internal training courses that are accessible from all around the world. With a heavy workload, employees don’t want to be snowed under with training. It would be great if learning time could be cut down.


F.Learning studio came up with an in-depth online training course for 14,500 global employees. With the blue and purple theme animation, the corporate training video has motivated ambition and encouraged learners. We optimized study time for learners by applying a quick and easy-to-understand elaboration.


Read Intelycare case study for more detail:

>> One QBE case study: How animation training videos speed up the training process on a global scale


Corporate training videos maximize employees’ learning capacity

According to Forrester Research, employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than to read documents, emails, or web articles. Adding videos in training can improve people’s ability to remember concepts and details. With animation, the training gets vibrant and, therefore, easier to memorize. 


The learning process will be formal yet fun. Animation turns serious formal training sessions into more relaxing ones and relieves the atmosphere. The engagement of staff will increase, and they will feel less stressed.


Integrity and Values (I&V) is one of the global leaders in behavior change, executive coaching, and team development. Following their mission to provide clients with extraordinary courses, the company chose talking-head videos as their main teaching method. However, with the growth in demand and the negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, this method is not optimal anymore. They decided to take a test to know how much is worth investing in.


F.Learning helped I&V to define the investment and the profit. The investment is affordable, and all the effort that is needed is management time. The lesson can be transferred easier via animation. With the output of high-quality videos and quick turnaround, the number of learners has increased noticeably.


Read I & V case study for more detail:

>> I & V case study: How a business test the effectiveness of animation and what they get back 


Corporate training animation simplifies complicated concepts 

The contents and concept are transformed into animation videos that are highly visual with minimal text. This will bring a new learner up to speed as quickly as possible. This feature became even more essential when the COVID-19 pandemic situation became unpredictable, and company staffs have to work remotely. All key ideas and concepts are delivered through vivid images, and audio, making the understanding of complicated concepts as easy as pie.


The animated corporate training videos can easily demonstrate the medical sessions in detail. The colors, visual, motion, and audio combined will create the utmost realistic experience for learners. For scientific or medical training, these features simplify and visualize extremely complicated techniques and concepts.


Corporate training videos provide a more convenient learning experience to your staff. They can save the video and learn or revise anywhere anytime they want. The speed of the training session is adjustable as learners can pause or play when they need.


How to choose the right type of animation

You might be intimidated when it comes to choosing the perfect type of animation for your corporate training videos. How many types of animations are there? What are their differences? Which one suits my aims? Don’t worry; this brief introduction below about the 5 animation types will help you figure it out.



Whiteboard animated videos usually show hands drawing images on a white background. Along with colorful illustrations, the narrator’s voice is played in the background to lead viewers through different concepts. This type of corporate training animation helps you improve your training with simple ideas such as onboarding, foundation courses with simple definitions.


When do you need whiteboard animations?

  • You have a limited budget
  • You don’t focus on illustrative details


This is how a whiteboard video looks like



Motion graphics

This is the upgraded version of the whiteboard method. Animators add characters and motion graphics into the video to make them more colorful and vibrant. Motion graphics are usually used to represent a story. Practical solutions and processes can be demonstrated easily with this animation type. Specialized parts of training can be much simpler with motion graphics.


When do you need motion graphics animations?

  • You have to teach complex ideas
  • You want to visualize the main points
  • You focus on formality 


Below is an example of motion graphic videos



The hand-drawn animation is sophisticated and more artistic than the others. This type of animation takes a lot of time, effort, and a huge budget, but the result is worth it.

Topics that are related to arts and social science should be demonstrated with this type of animation.


When do you need hand-drawn animations?

  • Your training involves artistic topics
  • You want to maximize the inspiration brought to learners
  • You don’t have a tight budget


Let’s take a look at this example


3D computer animation

3D animation is the art of using motion to bring characters, vehicles, props, and more to life. However, the two main drawbacks to this animation style are high costs and the eon it takes to produce. If you need to depict real processes, especially in the medical, science, and technology fields, this is the right animation type for you.


When do you need 3D animations?

  • The training is detail-oriented and demands accuracy 
  • You have a big budget


Ready to apply animation to your corporate training? Let’s start with finding the studio that suits you most


Although animation videos look uncomplicated and simple; the production process takes an enormous amount of time. The first step is focusing on finding studios that specialized in educational animation. This is an important goal as educational animation studios will deeply understand your needs and how to achieve your goals at a reasonable price. 


Search for available educational animation studios in the market. Then, go through their portfolios and previously published projects, and final products. This is when you find out if their styles are suitable for you or not. More importantly, you can use this to evaluate their animation quality and professionalism. If the information you need is not available, consider giving them a call.


After successfully finding a vendor, you should have a consultation call with them. For example, if you choose F.Learning, the process starts when you begin discussing and delivering your ideas to our staff. Don’t worry about your ideas being messy because, in the next step, your ideas will be brainstormed to create a proposal. F.Learning studio will send the proposal to you.


Once approved, F.learning will start producing the video. In the animation production process, we create the script, storyboard, and style frame, from which you can choose your favorite. After you pick the style, we will illustrate all animations and match them with the narrator’s voice. Finally, F.Learning will revise the video based on your feedback. 



Still too complicated? Let us help you

You have walked through the most basic features of animation and the animation production process. If you are looking for a new training method and find corporate training animation interesting, why don’t you give F. Learning a try?

Just give us your plans; we will guide you through the whole process and help you tackle any problem. Don’t worry if you only have a draft of ideas and don’t know where to start. Pick up your phone and feel free to tell us; we will provide you with proposals and plans base on your ideas. With our products, you can effectively train your employees and boost the company’s performance.


Read more: 

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