• Explain complicated mechanics and processes with animations
  • Beautiful 2D medical animations for strong engagement strategy
  • Give learners fresh and fun experiences in healthcare training
  • Affordable alternative to expensive 3D animations in healthcare training for patients, nurses, and physicians


Simple Nursing Case Study


Their Problem:

Simple Nursing is a very popular service aiming to provide knowledge for those in pre-service education. Their subject matter covers a wide range of specialties, such as pharmacology, physiology, cardiology, and also memory tricks and test tips for nursing majors.

Soonly seeing the power of animation in simplifying medical concepts, they added some pre-designed animation parts into their Youtube video that attract a lot of learners a few years ago. Then it’s time to create a high-quality fully customized animation series to advance their course’s value. So it’s our job!

Our Solution:

We help them to create a series of animation in such a short time to meet their deadline for launching their new course’s look. 150 minutes of animation were produced in 4 months, it’s our great result of mutual support from both sides. They provide a clear guide and we utilize our experience to step up the process while keeping the quality of the video. Thanks to the help of animations, their content is friendly, captivating, and as accessible as can be. Now we are collaborating to animate more exciting nursing education courses.



IntelyCare Case Study


Their Problem:

IntelyCare is building a program for nurses to expand the knowledge around their time with better engagement than learning in classrooms.

However, medical knowledge is overwhelming to most people, even nurses with the healthcare background. They are looking for a way to break the traditional sense of healthcare training being long and tedious.

Our Solution:

F.Learning Studio uses animated training videos to step up the game by showing a new, fun and professional vibe to the courses. The information is much formal so we created characters following the friendly concepts to reduce the seriousness of medical training.

Medical animations then are not “something nice to have”. With sounds and visuals, they could greatly enhance the course with better training outcomes.


ICareBetter Case Study


Their Problem:

iCareBetter helps doctors educate their patients about particular health problems. The doctors would work with education experts to generate a customized curriculum for their patient training. Even though the learning content is not as difficult as professional training, most medical concepts are still hard to understand for the general audience. iCareBetter hence early realizes the need to create engaging and digestible educational materials for their clients.

Our Solution:

Narrated animations are proved to contribute greatly to the learning outcomes of people with lower or no health literacy. They help reduce the knowledge gap between doctors and patients by visualizing the data, concepts, and knowledge about medication. F.Learning Studio has collaborated with iCareBetter to create a series of animations on heart failure. We are in the process of producing more series about different health problems.



Covid-19 Anxiety Case Study


Our Idea:

Covid-19 Anxiety is an internal animation project of F. Learning Studio that visually explained why & how people are panicked during this pandemic. It’s an urgent need to educate people that stress, anxiety, and over-reacting can’t cure us but just make things worse. So we want to say loud that calming down is the best way to protect our mental and physical health amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

Our Process:

What the people need to self-learn about the virus is more educational, credible, and fun learning materials, that’s why animation works! Many animations about Coronavirus are produced, so to set us apart from others, we design a unique hand-drawn style. Hand drawings express the panicked emotion better than ever. Fun and creative elements are added to make the animation more enjoyable for public audiences.