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Medical education and animation – here are two topics that many will find equally mysterious. Medical knowledge itself is quite complicated, and the process of animation, though it is still unknown to you, can make explaining it so much easier. Combining these two can do wonders, even though it may sound difficult. But we’re here to help, so don’t be discouraged! 

Through our research and experiences in providing animation services for medical education, we’ve narrowed all you need to know down to 7 key things! From the benefits to what defines good medical animation service, let’s see what these points are!


How animation serves medical education

Firstly, it’s important to understand the many ways in which animation can be applied into medical education and training. These are three common cases:

  • To spread awareness in the public about widespread medical conditions
  • When explaining specific conditions to patients and family members
  • Used as visual aids for professional students and staff such as doctors and nurses

Learn more about applying animation to this field here:
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In each instance, animation can bring plenty of benefits that can hardly enjoyed through use of other media! We’ve summed it up to three main points here. 


Medical animation service can simplify matters 

Often, medical content presented in animation form is best for either a non-professional audience, or to aid professionals in their learning process. This means that these clips are not looking to explain every little detail about the specific biological processes. Instead, animations should aim to selectively present the most useful information in a way that lets viewers easily understand the overall medical condition. 

Thus, the important benefit of medical animation service here is simplification and visualization. By using images and only keywords, rather than texts, animated videos can present the most crucial information faster and more effectively. In addition, visual imagery is sometimes much better in explaining processes that are difficult to imagine than words.

Moreover, while a medical video has to be accurate and informative, it also cannot be too detailed that it becomes tiring to watch, especially for a non-professional audience. Even for professionals, they may be too tired from dealing with paperwork at work to pay attention to more texts and details. To overcome this problem, animators create simple and distinct designs of objects and procedures, so it is easy to recognise them. 

Have a look at this straightforward whiteboard animation about heart attacks, which is so easy to watch and understand! 


Attracting and engaging viewers through medical animation service

You’ve probably seen short, fun but incredibly informative medical videos on social media.These are usually made to reach as many Internet users as possible. How do they make subjects like germs and chemical reactions so popular?

Well, other than breaking down complex knowledge and demonstrating unseeable processes, animation can add so much flare and creativity to what could have been a boring subject! First of all, animated medical videos are often quite colorful. Additionally, you’ll find that not every scene or visualization is realistic. Instead, designs of images of cells or even people will be a little more comical, of course within the boundaries of being medically correct. All of this adds an eye-catching quality to the video that would make it more attractive to viewers. 

Want to know more about designing visual aids? See this:
>> How to design visual aids for teaching purposes

Check out this TedEd video about a very common illness – when you have a fever or a cold and feel sick. Notice how all the humans in the video are very creatively hand-drawn – they look nothing like actual humans. In doing this, the animators gave the video a more entertaining vibe!

Given that the shortened, clear-cut content can be presented creatively, an animation can not only summarize and visualize information for watchers but also make in fun to watch and easy to share! 


Persuading and presenting scenarios through medical animation service

This advantage is especially great for medical training. Sometimes there are scenarios that you cannot conveniently demonstrate – like the case of the hospital catching on fire. Perhaps there are situations that are too expensive to be practiced or acted and recorded as live footage. Nonetheless, it is important for staff and patients to know what to do in such cases. If you are in this situation, then animation might be your saviour!

Animation beautifully brings to life any situation – particularly important procedures in a hospital, at a much lower cost than most other services. After all, this is literally the business of realizing imagined stories! Here’s a little video about nurse training to show you how it’s done!

But how about the classic way – you may wonder – of presenting case studies? How about writing about them, and providing rules and regulations that people can read? Well, that method is likely to be not as effective as animation, since most people are visual learners. Furthermore, sometimes people need a break from words! 

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Now that we’ve looked at the most best benefits of medical animation, it’s time to see what creates worthy service for these kinds of videos. 


What makes a good medical animation service?

When you pay for the animating service of your medical video, what should you expect? 

Visual accuracy 

First things first, the animation produced should be accurate and effective in enhancing the education experience. It’s a given that there should be no mistakes, such as drawing the liver on the left instead of the right side of the body. Moreover, the video should provide more visualization of processes without boring or overloading the viewers.

Shortened but efficient content

And you think you’ve heard enough about simplified content! The truth is this is one of the most wonderful abilities of animation – to reduce extended, difficult concepts down to their core. 

If the service provided cannot guarantee this, it definitely defeats the point of using animation at all. 

Striking a balance between serious and fun

A good medical animation also should understand the target audience, which will be demonstrated in its designs. Specifically, animators should be able to find the balance between realistic designs and fun, attractive elements. 

You can look again at the TedEd video on sickness – it was creative at portraying symptoms but serious when explaining why symptoms happen. The balance makes the video informative but entertaining and memorable! 

Video-making expertise 

Good medical animation service is also end-to-end. Your animating partner should take you through all the processes that you don’t know – from writing the script to creating a storyboard and finally to animating. 

To add on to that, they can advise you on videography and audience engagement, which they usually have more experience with. A good service will make sure that your end product will best deliver information to your audience! 


Opting for 2D animation with F. Learning Studio 

In the past three years, F Learning Studio has had the pleasure to work on several medical education projects that have given us great insight about this field. We’ve got experience in:

  • Spreading public awareness about mental health issues, particularly for children
  • Providing aid for doctors to explain medical conditions to patients and families
  • Creating a series of scenario-based videos for nurse training 

From these projects, we have collected diverse understanding on how to best approach these rather complicated matters and present them to all kinds of audiences. Other than producing stunning animation tailored to your needs, we can also share these insights with you to boost the effectiveness of your projects! 

Contact us if you have a need for medical animation service, or find out more useful tips and tricks below! 


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