Everything you need to know about educational animations:

  • The application of animations in eLearning
  • A step-by-step guide to create an educational animation that works
  • Tips to add animated videos in eLearning programs

EBOOK: Ultimate Guide to Create an Awesome Educational Animation for Online Course

A 33-page eBook guide for any educators that are beginners in animations for eLearning.

The Application of Animations in Medical Education

Animation has been optimized widely in the medical industry with various applications covered in patient education, drug mechanism of action, surgical planning and training, cellular and molecular studies and more.

Best types of animation for your online courses

Instructional designers take various elements into consideration when creating animated videos. One among those key elements is the types of animation.

INFOGRAPHIC: How to combine animated with self-recorded videos in your courses?

Self-recorded videos with the presence of instructor bring better learning outcomes than plain documents. Fun and engaging animated learning videos to enhance students’ learning experiences? Combine animated with self-recorded videos to have the best of both!

How to make animation for educational purposes work?

Animations enhance the learning experiences of learner: more visual, more sound, more engagement then as a result, more learning outcomes. It is proven as an effective tool for education and training. The question is, how to use them effectively?

How much does an educational animation cost per minute: $30, $150 or $3,000?

How much does a 2D animation cost per minute? If you google and search around, you would find different options, ranging from $30 to $300,000!

Best Animation Tools for Beginners in eLearning

Most of these animation tools for beginners require no installation. You could easily create your own animations for educational purposes with an affordable annual fee.